The Yorkshire comedian bringing humour to ADHD

An entertainer has released a video parodying the funny habits of hyperactive people.

Ryan Swain, 26, from Malton, has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and has campaigned for more awareness of the condition.

Ryan Swain

Ryan Swain

The stand-up comedian, who grew up in York and now lives in Malton, raps about low concentration spans and forgetting to reply to text messages in his video, which he hopes to eventually release as a single.

The father of two-year-old twins has now racked up 50,000 shares and three million views since uploading it to Youtube.

He describes habits that other ADHD sufferers can relate to.

"I've got adult ADHD and mental health is something which is very important to me and I do a lot of fundraising and promotion online about it. I'm also a successful stand-up comedian and I make comedy viral videos; I've made a lot on parenting and life in general but I've started making them about the effects of having ADHD which everyone with it could relate to," said Ryan.

"At school I was told I'd never achieve anything or do anything and I've battled my demons and overcome my flaws to achieve more.

"I'm launching a new single all about ADHD and the effects of mental health later this year with all the proceeds going to charity, and I'm also looking at setting up my own foundation for children and teenagers with ADHD and adults with it too."