This is what will happen to the fallen tree at Sewerby Hall

Strong winds blew down a 150-year-old tree which thousands of visitors enjoyed seeing during their visits to the Yorkshire coast.

Picture by Ian Phillips
Picture by Ian Phillips

The monkey puzzle tree fell overnight at the weekend, having been grown from seeds brought back from South America in the 19th century.

But it is hoped that a replacement will be sourced and the fallen tree will be used to create a new feature.

On its Facebook page, staff at Sewerby hall posted: "East Riding of Yorkshire Council is saddened that one of Sewerby Hall and Garden's most iconic trees has blown down over the weekend during the severe weather.

"Monkey puzzle trees are native to Argentina and Chile and this one, along with several others, was planted at Sewerby Hall and Gardens in 1868 - forming one of the most successful plantations of such trees in the north of the UK.

"It is believed that it was grown, on site, by Yarburgh Lloyd-Greame from seeds he brought back from his trip to South America in the early 1860s.

"The council is now looking at options to plant a new monkey puzzle tree and use some of the timber from the fallen tree around the estate to enhance the parkland."