Train operator's pledge following rail disruption in Scarborough

A train operator has pledged to make changes in a bid to reduce train cancellations between York and Scarborough.

Tuesday, 17th July 2018, 4:41 pm
Updated Tuesday, 17th July 2018, 4:47 pm
Scarborough Railway Station

Last month, The Scarborough News revealed that in four weeks 60 trains between the town and York were cancelled.

Now Kevin Hollinrake, MP for Filey and Malton, has met with TransPennine Express to look at what can be done to tackle the issue which is affecting hundreds of commuters.

He called the cancellations “absolutely unacceptable” adding: “these are not just occasional delays but long delays and consecutive cancellations, west to east, making it next to impossible to travel. It’s very unsatisfactory.”

In four weeks from May 21, 30 late running trains from York to Scarborough were cancelled - many terminating at Malton.

This means the following train running from Scarborough to York is also cancelled.

Mr Hollinrake added: “[Passengers] were having to alight at Malton where there’s no cafe facilities or toilets later in the day.

“TransPennine has put some measures in looking at improving the driver working pattern, not to cancel consecutive trains, and keep people informed and if a train is going to be cancelled they can get off at York to wait where there are more station facilities.”

Engineering works being carried out in the North West are responsible for the majority of delays.

Mr Hollinrake said: “There should be some improvement, Robert [Goodwill, MP for Scarborough and Whitby] and I are working together on it. So is transport secretary Chris Grayling, he’s doing everything he can to get this work completed and we will keep putting pressure on it.

“People in the North East are getting less compensation back from season tickets compared to people in the North West.

“This is because there are more delays but it matters not if there are more if you’ve been personally affected to the same degree - there seems to be quite a disparity.”

A spokesman for TransPennine Express said, “Since the start of the new timetable on 20 May we know that many of our customers have had disrupted journeys across the North.

“There have been delays and cancellations to contend with meaning that people have been late for work, late for appointments, missed flights and missed spending quality time with loved ones. This is not the service that we want to provide and we would like to say a huge sorry to everyone who has been affected.

“We will continue to work alongside other train operators, Network Rail, Transport for the North and the Department for Transport until we put this right, making sure that our customers receive the service that they rightly deserve.”

Commuters will be able to apply for compensation with a new scheme from TransPennine Express after disruption caused by the May timetable change.

Season ticket holders that travel on specific routes will be eligible and will be able to submit their claim online through TPE’s website. Those with multi-modal and zonal tickets will also be entitled to compensation. The train company will be offering a week’s compensation to customers whose journeys were disrupted between May 20 and June 30.

The scheme is set to launch on Monday July 23 and more details are online by clicking here.