Trains to and from Scarborough cancelled yet again

A TransPennine Express service
A TransPennine Express service

Trains to and from Scarborough are being cancelled yet again.

Yesterday, passengers travelling to and from the coast experienced disruption due to trains either failing to complete their journeys or departing from York rather than Scarborough.

The TransPennine Express 12.56 Liverpool to Scarborough service was terminated at Manchester Victoria whereas the train leaving Liverpool at 16.56 was terminated at Malton.

In Scarborough, passengers waiting for the 15.46 service to Liverpool had to catch the later train as the service was cancelled between Scarborough and York.

David Elsworth was one of the passenger caught up in the disruption.

He said: "I was waiting for the 18.45 train at York when they announced that it was going to terminate at Malton. I was kept waiting for 90 minutes and I arrived in Scarborough around 9.05pm.

"I work in York and take the train everyday, everyday there's at least one cancellation. I even contemplated moving to York.

"I don't think they're doing all they can to address the situation. TransPennine Express are owned by First Group, which owns First York so they could perhaps organise a replacement bus but they're not doing that."

A spokesperson from TransPennine Express said the cancellations were due to a points failure in the Huddersfield area.