Concerns lead to changes on Scalby Road, Scarborough, where two lanes merge into one

Changes are to be made to a junction in Scarborough following concerns raised by local residents.

By Sarah Fitton
Sunday, 11th October 2020, 8:01 pm
Updated Sunday, 11th October 2020, 8:06 pm

In August, North Yorkshire County Council made alterations to the junctions of Scalby Road with Woodlands Drive, Stepney Drive and Woodland Ravine to ease congestion and improve safety for pedestrians.

They were the third of four major junction improvements that form a £4m scheme in the town. The work saw the creation of additional approach lanes and improved traffic signals.

Since completion, the council has said that its highways team has been contacted by members of the public with concerns about the lane merge on Scalby Road north of Woodlands Drive, the proximity of the bus stop and the island intended to protect cyclists re-joining the carriageway from the shared footway.

The stretch of Scalby Road approaching the Woodlands Drive turn; after that, two lanes merge into one

A road safety audit has supported these concerns.

This week, the County Council’s contractor will return to the junction to make immediate changes as an interim measure while a permanent solution is finalised.

Work is scheduled to take place on Wednesday October 14, and is expected to take one day.

County councillor Don Mackenzie, Executive Member for Access, said: “We always monitor highways improvements and we welcome views, so we’re grateful to people for bringing these concerns to us. Our officers have listened and are acting quickly to address them.

“The immediate changes aim to improve safety for cyclists and provide motorists with a little more room to merge while we work on a permanent solution.

“This will be done over the next few weeks and will look to increase the length of the merge and consider whether changes should be made to how the left filter arrow appears.

“Our highways team has received many positive comments about the junction improvement, particularly that the new signals at the Stepney Drive junction make it much easier for drivers to go ahead and right from Stepney Drive, and that pedestrians and cyclists now have a signalised crossing. The widened lanes on Woodland Drive have also been praised.

“So despite the initial issues, we are confident that the junction will work well for residents, businesses and visitors in helping to meet the predicted rise in traffic flow as a result of housing development expected around Scarborough over the coming years.”

Cllr Andrew Jenkinson, the member for Woodlands division, added: “I’m extremely happy with all that has been done on the three junctions. It’s good that the public points out these minor changes that are needed. We have listened and are going to do the work as a matter of urgency.”

Members of the public have also asked about reinstating the dedicated left turn on Scalby Road to Woodlands Drive. This is not possible, as the change to two ahead lanes is an essential part of the design to ensure the junction can cope well with future traffic growth.