Two people rescued from the sea at Bridlington

A man and a woman were pulled from the sea by Bridlington's lifeboat crew last night

By John Edwards
Sunday, 24th February 2019, 10:08 am
Updated Sunday, 24th February 2019, 10:12 am
The Bridlington inshore lifeboat returns to base. Picture by Andrew Brompton.
The Bridlington inshore lifeboat returns to base. Picture by Andrew Brompton.

Emergency services were called to the promenade area near the Pavilion Bar at around 8.20pm. Coastguards, paramedics, firefighters and police all attended and the town's inshore lifeboat launched.

The women had fallen off the sea wall and the man had jumped into the water to try to help her.

They had lifelines around them and had managed to get a few feet up the wall, but were unable to climb any higher.

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Emergency services were called to this area of Bridlington seafront at around 8.20pm last night.

Lifeboat helsman Ad Trower and his crew Ash Traves and Pete Jones decided the best course of action would be to try and put the boat close to the sea wall and get the couple to jump into the lifeboat.

They skillfully put the lifeboat along side the wall and the couple were able to make the jump into the lifeboat.

Because she had fallen from a height, the woman to falling from height the casualty was stabilised onboard the boat and stretchered by coastguards into an awaiting ambulance.

The woman was suffering from hypothermia, spinal and pelvic injuries and the man had minor injuries and both were taken by ambulance to hospital.

Mr Trower said: "The last place you want to put a lifeboat is up to a sea wall when surf is breaking but they made the jump and it all ended well"

A statement from the coastguards said: "We would like to wish the casualty a speedy recovery"