Scarborough Weather: Met Office forecasts cloudy, misty and chilly weekend ahead

Scarborough is set for a cloudy, misty and chilly weekend, the Met Office has forecast.

Colder temperatures are on the way but it should remain largely dry and overcast as temperatures drop and mist and fog rolls in across the coast.

Friday afternoon is set to be partly cloudy, with sunny spells early on and mist, fog and overcast conditions are forecast for Saturday and Sunday afternoon.

Scarborough' s Weather Outlook:

Scarborough is set to brace wintry conditions this weekend as mist and fog roll in.


Dry with bright or sunny spells with some cloud likely throughout the afternoon as brighter spells begin to clear.

A maximum temperature of 8°C with sunny intervals clearing by mid-afternoon.

Winds speeds are predicted to remain low at 5mph, with temperatures feeling more like 4°C at times, the Met Office has said.


A misty night with increasing chance of fog forming. Frost returning with freezing fog and minimum temperature of -2°C.


A cold start with some frost followed by a generally dull and misty day changing to overcast by late morning with a few bright or sunny spells.

A maximum temperature of 6°C with fog and overcast cloud throughout the afternoon.

Wind speeds are predicted ti pick up slightly to 14mph and so it will feel more blustery than Friday with temperatures feeling more like 3°C.


A cloudier outlook is likely for Sunday with dog mostly lifting. The day will remain dry with some mist early on.

A maximum temperature of 7°C with cloudy and overcast conditions by lunchtime and throughout the afternoon.

Wind speeds are expected to remain consistent with Saturday at 17mph with temperatures feeling more like 4°C.