Scarborough hits new hottest day in history during heatwave as temperature record smashed twice in two days

Scarborough has smashed its all-time record high temperature twice in two days, new data has revealed.

By George Buksmann
Friday, 22nd July 2022, 12:00 pm
Updated Friday, 22nd July 2022, 12:03 pm

The Met Office issued an amber 'extreme heat' warning to large parts of the Yorkshire Coast this week, with temperatures forecast to reach 32°C on Monday July 18 and 34°C on Tuesday July 19.

Scarborough's previous all-time hottest temperature stood at 31.4°C, which was recorded on August 3 1990.

However, the town provisionally set a new maximum temperature record of 32.3°C on Monday July 18.

Beachgoers sweltered under the sizzling sun in South Bay as a new record was set.

This was then exceeded again on Tuesday July 19 with a provisional temperature of 35.8°C.

The Met Office said the new record temperatures will only be officially confirmed when the weather station's equipment and site has been checked for quality control purposes.

Scarborough's previous second hottest day was recorded at 31.1°C on August 28 1933.

The record-breaking weather reached a new high in the UK when the mercury hit 40.3°C in the Lincolnshire village of Coningsby.

The extremely hot weather caused widespread disruption across the UK, with roads melting, railway lines buckling, power failures, wildfires and increased emergency service calls.

Dr Mark McCarthy, Head of Met Office's National Climate Information Centre, said: "This week has been a remarkable week for the UK's climate.

"We have seen temperature records tumbling. A new UK national climate temperature record should be a rare occurrence, and we would normally expect a new record to only exceed the previous one by a fraction of a degree.

"However, we saw 39 stations across a large swathe of England exceed the previous highest daily temperature extreme."

Scarborough's hottest recorded temperatures:

• NEW 35.8°C on July 19 2022

• NEW 32.3°C on July 18 2022

• 31.4°C on August 3 1990

• 31.1°C on August 28 1933

• 30.6°C on July 7 1941