Scarborough weather forecast: Drop in temperatures and heavy rain on the way

Storm Ciara battered the country this weekend and Scarborough saw its fair share of rain on Sunday.

Tuesday, 11th February 2020, 10:03 am

However, though the storm may have subsided, the wet weather isn't over for the Yorkshire Coast with bouts of heavy rain expected throughout the rest of the week.

Temperatures will continue to feel sub-zero, beginning to warm slightly by the end of the week.

Below is the forecast for Scarborough for the rest of the week.

File photo. JPI Media


Conditions will remain bright and clear with patches of sun.

Temperatures range from 3-4°C throughout the day and 2°C overnight but will feel sub-zero due to strong west-south-westerly winds.

Wind continues to be strong with speeds of up to 29mph and gusts of up to 50pmh.

There is a 10 per cent or less chance of rain.


Another clear and sunny day changing to partially cloudy in the evening and overnight.

Temperatures continue to feel sub-zero.

Wind speeds will drop to the 20mph range during the day and further to 10mph overnight.

Wind gusts will start strong, peaking at 38pmh by midday but will begin to fall as the evening moves into night.

There is a less than five per cent chance of rain during the day, but heavy rain will start overnight.


Heavy rain which is expected to begin around 3am will continue until midday.

There is a 60 percent rain will return in the afternoon, from 3pm to 6pm, though not as heavy.

Temperatures in the morning will stay around 4°C but feel like -1°C and rise to 6°C through the evening ( feeling like 1°C)


Temperatures will start to climb on Friday, reaching 9°C from 6pm onwards ( feeling like 3-5°C)

Wind speed remains in the 20mph range throughout the day and evening though wind gusts will rise to 41mph at 3pm and stay strong into Saturday morning.

Light rain and showers are forecast from 6pm overnight.


The weekend begins clear but cloudy before light rain in the afternoon.

Heavy rain is forecast to begin at 3pm and continue into Sunday.

Temperatures will peak at 10°C in the evening, feeling like 6°C.

Wind speeds begin to pick up again and wind gusts reach 48mph at 6pm.


Strong wind gusts in the 40mph range and heavy rain will continue until early evening.

Temperatures will rest around 9°C and feel like 4°C.

Conditions will dry up from 6pm, continuing overnight.