Storm Dennis: Met Office extend weather warning for Scarborough this weekend

The Met Office has extended a yellow weather warning across the whole weekend.

Storm Dennis is expected to hit the UK on Saturday and bring with it heavy rain and wind.

Yesterday the Met Offices issued a yellow weather warning for wind on Saturday which included Scarborough.

This has now been extended from 10am on Saturday morning to midnight on Sunday.

Coastguards on patrol during Storm Ciara. Picture: JPI Media/ Richard Ponter

Storm Dennis will bring very strong winds and potential for disruption to many parts of England and Wales.

Though not expected to be as severe as Storm Ciara last weekend, due to already saturated ground there is a risk of further flooding.

The Met Office says there is a small chance of:

- Injuries and danger to life from flying debris and from large waves and beach material being thrown onto sea fronts, coastal roads and properties

The Met Office weather warning has been extended to cover the whole weekend. Pic: Met Office

- Some damage to buildings, such as tiles blown from roofs

- Journey times could be longer as road, air, rail and ferry service face cancellations and roads and bridges could close.

- Power cuts may occur, with the potential to affect other services, such as mobile phone coverage

Storm Dennis weather forecast for Scarborough


12am to 6am

Cloudy but dry conditions with temperatures of 6°C that feel like 2°C.

South westerly winds of 13mph with wind gusts of 22mph.

6am to 12pm

Beginning dry, light rain will begin from 9am.

Temperatures will climb up 11°C but feel closer to 6°C.

Southerly winds will begin to pick up speed to 26mph with wind gusts of 31mph.

12pm to 6pm

From midday heavy rain will set in.

Temperatures remain around 11°C but feel like 7°C.

The wind will move back to a south westerly direction and build to 28mph.

Wind gusts will peak at 51mph around 3pm.

6pm to midnight

The heavy rain is forecast to continue and temperatures will stay the same.

Wind speeds remain in the high twenties with gusts in the 40-50mph range.


12am to 6am

Heavy rain is set to continue throughout the night into morning.

Temperatures of 9°C will feel closer to 5°C.

South westerly winds will be at speeds of around 22mph with gusts in the high 30s.

6am to 12pm

More heavy rain an similar temperatures as those experienced overnight.

The southwesterly winds continue at speed in the 20-25mph range.

Wind gusts forecast to remain in the low 40s.

12pm to 6pm

Heavy rain continues and temperatures begin to drop down to 7°C, feeling like 4°C.

Wind direction, speed and gusts remain the same.

6pm to midnight

Rain is expected to ease off and conditions will dry and become cloudy by 9pm.

Temperatures remain around 7°C but will feel much colder - 1°C.

Winds continue from the south west in the 20-25mph range with gusts reducing to the 30s overnight.