‘Why would they steal my scarecrow mum?’

A little boy’s heartbreak at 
discovering his treasured scarecrow had been 
stolen has marred the start of Muston’s annual festival.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 30th July 2015, 5:55 pm
Harry Amstell with his prized scarecrow - but cruel thieves have left the six-year-old heartbroken
Harry Amstell with his prized scarecrow - but cruel thieves have left the six-year-old heartbroken

As he fought back tears, six-year-old Harry Amstell asked his mum why someone would steal the Lego scarecrow he had spent over a week making

As darkness crept in, the colourful creation was pinched on Tuesday night before the festival closed for the day.

Now, as she considers bringing in the police, Harry’s dejected mother has spoke of her son’s upset at learning the scarecrow had been swiped.

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“He looked up and me and just asked why did they take it? I had to tell him that I didn’t know darling,” said Joanne Amstell.

The family have property in the village, and inspired by the scarecrows, Lego mad Harry was excited to make a design inspired by his favourite toy.

His creation was one of the more popular scarecrows over the festival’s first weekend, with visitors posing for pictures alongside the giant Lego man.

But after the theft was discovered yesterday, Joanne added: “He looked like he was going to cry and he was so disappointed.

“I’m staggered and can’t believe that someone would stoop to that level - how do you explain to a six-year-old that they’ve taken it.

“People put a lot of time into this for the village to enjoy - it’s a big part of the summer.”

“It was heavily secured and it’s clear who ever has done it has gone with the intention of taking it.

“If they’d just said ‘I like it could we have it after the end of the festival’ that would have been fine.

“But now Harry is absolutely mortified.”

The theft has marred the start of the festival, which despite showers has seen huge crowds flock to the tiny village.

Big hearted organisers have given Harry an extra rosette for his design.

And they have even promised to get the Lego fan some new building blocks to make up for his loss.

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