Yorkshire people can slash home energy bills using these five tips..

Almost a third of people living in Yorkshire are not using proffered advice about how to reduce the cost of gas and electricity in the home.

One in five people across the country say they are more worried about energy costs than any other household spending, yet many are not taking the steps that could help bring bills down.

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Recent research has revealed that Yorkshire people are not taking advantage of the many deals available to new customers, as just under a third have never changed their energy supplier, and 69 per cent have not switched in the last 12 months.

Failing to consider moving to a new provider can end up costing consumers hundreds of pounds - as data shows that one in five people across the country are spending between £750 and £1,000 per year on gas and electricity alone.

Boiler Plan, who conducted the research, has five tips for anyone seeking to reduce energy costs.

Use free online tools to make savings

Energy Saving Trust offer a free home energy check tool which calculates cost savings based on the information you provide. The tool can help you make effective savings and reduce energy costs in your home with no cost involved.

2. Use Energy-efficient Products

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Though not an instant saving hack, being mindful of the energy-efficiency rating when making new purchases can save money in the long run. Installing a new A+ rated combi boiler could create a saving of up to £490 on annual gas bills.

3. Turn down the heating

Turning down the thermostat by just one or two degrees can save up to 10 per cent on annual heating bills and reduce energy costs. Most heating systems can also be programmed to be even lower throughout the night, and a duvet with a Tog rating of between 13.5 and 15 will help with colder nights. Hot water bottles and dressing appropriately for weather conditions can also help those who prefer a higher thermostat setting. Closing curtains and doors will also ensure no heat is lost through draughts.

4. Explore Price Comparison Websites

Price comparison sites can help homeowners get the best deal when switching gas and electricity providers, and choosing an online tariff is advised as it saves the supplier the cost of sending someone out for meter readings which is reflected in the cheaper bills.

5. Collaborate with other Consumers

Consumers can also group together to increase their bargaining power against utility providers to negotiate lower tariffs in a reverse auction. Collectively switching can lead to much better savings. You normally register online for this; a reverse action then takes place which is won by the energy company offering the lowest tariff. You can switch on your own and still get good savings, but collectively switching can lead you to even better savings.

For further tips on reducing your gas bill visit the Boiler Plan Blog.

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