Yorkshire students top the tables for least amount of sleep, survey reveals

Yorkshire students are getting less sleep than most others in the UK’s cities, it has been revealed.The findings of a new survey show that many Yorkshire students claim to suffer from poor sleep at university, with stress cited as the biggest contributing factor. Students in Sheffield get six hours, 18 minutes on average, while those in Leeds clock up just six hours, 24 minutes per night.A worrying two thirds (70.4 per cent) of students polled in Sheffield are getting fewer than the recommended seven to nine hours’ sleep per night.The study, run as part of The Student Housing Company’s wellbeing programme which analysed the sleeping patterns of students in major UK cities in the run up to World Sleep Day on March 16, has raised concerns for student welfare across the country.When asked what the biggest impact on sleep short-term was, 38 per cent of Sheffield’s students cited academic work.Over one third (34 per cent) of students also admitted that their long-term sleeping patterns were worse around exam time and when deadlines are looming.Of those polled, 67 per cent claimed that stress levels play a role in quality of sleep, with digital distractions such as mobile phones, social media and TV cited by another 30 per cent.The figures are despite the fact that two fifths of those polled (38 per cent) also take measures to ensure they’re living a healthy lifestyle, by carefully monitoring their diet or by taking regular exercise.On average, students across the nation get just six and a half hours sleep per night, and 26 per cent get fewer than five.With just six hours and 18 minutes per night on average, students in Sheffield suffer most, and while students in Nottingham get the most sleep of those polled, they’re still falling below the recommended minimum seven hours.The worst student cities for sleep were found to be Sheffield: six hours 18 minutes per night. Leeds: six hours 24 minutes per night, and Birmingham: six hours 24 minutes per night.ALisa Artis, from The Sleep Council, said: “The Student Housing Company’s unique student wellbeing programme aims to equip students with the knowledge to make healthy lifestyle choices. Our sleep initiatives as part of World Sleep Day are one example of how we’re raising awareness, providing solutions and demonstrating we want to see our student residents thrive."