An anonymous benefactor is treating his entire village to fish and chips every week for the next three months

A anonymous man has promised to buy all 171 residents of his village fish and chips every Friday during the UK lockdown.

As reported by the BBC, the mystery donor ordered the suppers from the Fox Inn pub in Oxfordshire, and said he would continue to do so weekly, for a minimum of 12 weeks.

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Unknown benefactor

Speaking to the BBC about the fish and chips donation, owner of the pub, Stephen Davidson, said, "He was prepared to fund, once a week, a takeaway of for every member of the village.

"He said he’d like to do it for a minimum of 12 weeks. Depending how things go, he may up it to two a week. He may carry it on longer than that depending on the need and the take up on it, and he doesn’t want to be the focus of attention for this.

"He thinks people like him who are fortunate to be in their situation should do something for their communities if at all possible."

'Pubs are important to village life'

Stephen added that the benefactor wanted to show people how important pubs are to village life - as well as giving them a treat to raise spirits.

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The fish and chips will be delivered to the village residents every Friday, with the menu subject to change for those who don't want a chippy every week.

Stephen and his wife will cook the meals according to strict hygiene standards, and will use a team of volunteers who will wear masks and gloves to deliver them.

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