Argos issues safety alert for Bush tumble dryers

Argos has issued a safety alert due to fears that its Bush tumble dryers could present a fire risk.

The chain retailer has now released additional information, urging shoppers to clean the machines after every cycle, alongside the instruction manual which comes with the dryers.

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A statement from Argos said, “We have been working closely with Milton Keynes Trading Standards to review the maintenance and safety information that we provide with some of our Bush tumble dryers.

“As a result, we are providing additional maintenance and safety information to all customers who bought one of these tumble dryers.”

The retailer adds that “incorrectly installed and poorly maintained tumble driers can be a fire risk.”

These are all of the tumble dryers that this notice affects:

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1288010 TDV6B 6KG7642966 TDV6S 6KG1292051 TDV6B 6KG5386073 V7SDB 7KG1737901 TDV6B 6KG5435010 V7SDB 7KG4810722 TDV6W 6KG5480948 V7SDW 7KG7642382 TDV6W 6KG5496011 V7SDS 7KG7642399 TDV6W 6KG5586282 V7SDW 7KG7642959 TDV6S 6KG4281571 V6SDW 6KG4287104 V6SDB 6KG4278041 V6SDW 6KG4278216 V6SDS 6KG

The affected tumble dryers are no longer on sale on the Argos website.

The chain retailer has now released additional information (Photo: Shutterstock)

Neena Bhati, Which? head of campaigns, said, "Argos needs to urgently explain how many models have been sold and how many fires have been linked to these products.

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"The company must also clarify what steps it will take to ensure that customers have the right information so that we are not in a position where huge numbers of potentially unsafe products are left in people’s homes, as has happened with Whirlpool tumble dryers.”

A spokesperson for Argos said, "We are contacting customers to make sure they follow the latest safety instructions for the Bush tumble dryers."

This article was originally published on our sister site, Yorkshire Evening Post.