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A LIBRARY book has been returned to Trinity Hall’s Jerwood Library at the University of Cambridge, 50 years late!

The overdue book (photo: Trinity Hall)

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    The 19th century atlas, published by the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge, mysteriously found its way back to the library after a college reunion. It was last checked out in the early 1970s!

    No-one knows who borrowed the atlas for so long, but staff at the library said they were very grateful to have it back, adding: “It’s definitely a case of better late than never!”

    A car from the 70s (Photo by Barrett-Jackson via Getty Images)
    Cars and fashion were a bit different in the 70s! (Photo by Tom Wargacki/WireImage)

    Thankfully the library has stopped charging fees for overdue books or they said it would have cost the borrower more than £3,000!


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    By Kabir Kaul

    I AM a 16-year-old conservationist who raises awareness of the green spaces of London.

    I represent a number of charities that teach children and young people about nature, and encourage people to discover their local wildlife. Two years ago, I created an online map of nature reserves in the capital. Since then, I have been writing my blog and posting on social media about the importance of these nature reserves and their precious wildlife.

    Baroness Gale, James Sawyer (IFAW Director, UK), Kabir Kaul, Mark Beaudouin (IFAW Chair of Global Directors)

    Recently, I received the Youth Conservation Award from the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) at the House of Lords – it was very exciting! I learned a lot about the charity, which rescues and protects animals around the world, and was fascinated by the work of the other award recipients.

    This award has encouraged me to keep campaigning to protect London’s green spaces, and encourage people to notice, appreciate and protect their local wildlife.



    13 November

    The prize is awarded every year to a child who fights courageously for children’s rights.


    14 November

    A day to remember all the soldiers and civilians who lost their lives in battle during the two World Wars and later conflicts.


    15-19 November

    Run by the Anti-Bullying Alliance, the week aims to raise awareness of bullying as a serious issue for children and young people. It also includes Odd Socks Day on 15 November.

    Colourful socks over a white background (photo:iStock)


    A five-week-old kitten managed to stow away in a van’s engine for an epic 55-mile journey. The tiny kitty travelled all the way from Liverpool to Newcastle-under-Lyme, before being discovered by the driver. Thankfully, he was unhurt and just had some oily paws and a hungry belly!

    The five-week old kitten (photo:RSPCA)

    A huge collection of gold coins found in a field in Norfolk has officially been declared treasure. That means it must be offered to a museum. A total of 131 Anglo-Saxon coins, alongside four gold objects, have been discovered in the field by metal detectorists since 1991.

    The collection of gold coins (photo:British Museum)


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