Here’s what happened at Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani’s latest bizarre press conference

Donald Trump’s personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, gave a bizarre press conference, during which he made baseless and unfounded accusations of fraud relating to the recent US election.

The former mayor of New York addressed reporters in Washington DC at the Republican National Committee headquarters on 19 November.

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Despite claims to the contrary, a coalition of federal and state officials have described the election as “the most secure in US history.”

My Cousin Vinny

Throughout the press conference, Mr Trump’s lawyer frequently mopped his brow, but seemingly failed to recognise that his perspiration was causing what looked like black hair dye to run down the sides of his face.

At one point, Mr Giuliani made an extended reference to the film My Cousin Vinny, which stars Joe Pesci as an inexperienced lawyer from Brooklyn.

In a scene from the film, Pesci’s character is able to demonstrate that a key witness is unreliable, by having her incorrectly answer the question, “How many fingers am I holding up?”

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In a relatively tenuous link, Mr Giuliani - himself a lawyer from Brooklyn - alleged that the poll observers in Philadelphia, who were responsible for overseeing the voting process during the US election, “Were further away than My Cousin Vinny was from the witness.”

‘One of the worst crimes’

Along with other members of the Trump legal team, Mr Giuliani made strange allegations regarding Venezuelan, Cuban and Chinese interference in the election, but failed to offer any evidence for these claims.

Mr Giuliani claimed that “this has been a massive attack on the integrity of the voting system in the greatest democracy on Earth.”

He said, “The people who did this have committed one of the worst crimes that I have ever seen or observed.”

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The claims made by Mr Giuliani and president Trump himself relating to election fraud are yet to be substantiated with any evidence.

Joe Biden was declared the winner of the US presidential election on 7 November, and while the Trump team is pursuing legal challenges to the votes in a number of states, they are widely expected to fail.

Four Seasons Landscaping

Mr Giuliani has made a number of public appearances to allege election fraud and announce legal challenges to the election result.

Earlier this month, he appeared at a press conference alongside other members of the Trump legal team outside a Philadelphia landscaping business called Four Seasons, which is located opposite a crematorium and next to a sex shop.

There was speculation at the time that the choice of venue came about due to a mix up while attempting to book the Four Seasons hotel.