Mini heatwave set to hit UK with temperatures of 30C - here's the breakdown for your area

Parts of the UK could see temperatures rising to 30C this weekend as a mini heatwave hits the country.

Brits have been treated to glorious sunshine and warmer temperatures of late, and people will be pleased to know that the sunny spell is set to continue in some areas for a few more days.

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Some weather forecasters are predicting temperatures of up to 30C on Monday 14 June, which could potentially be the hottest day of the year so far.

Charts posted by the Weather Outlook depict how the coming days will bring welcome sunshine.

This afternoon (Thursday 10 June), much of England can expect temperatures to reach the mid-20s region.

But it will be the north east that is treated to the warmest weather, according to the Weather Outlook map, with a maximum of 26C.

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Tomorrow, other areas in the UK could experience cooler-but-comfortable temperatures, with an average of 20C forecast across the country.

And the warm spell is set to continue over the weekend, with temperatures rising further on Sunday afternoon with highs of 27C predicted by the Weather Outlook.

Temperatures in Scotland are forecast to be slightly cooler but there might still be peaks of 23C.

Monday could be hottest day of year

Monday could be hotter still for some places in England.

While London may be characteristically scorching at 30C, elsewhere could see temperatures surge to the mid and high 20s - although the mercury in Scotland and Northern Ireland might dip to the teens in many places.

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The Met Office’s forecast for the weekend predicts warm weather for some areas, but it has warned that showers could emerge in the far north of Scotland.

Cloudy spells could also unfortunately accompany the warm weather.

The forecaster’s nationwide outlook for Saturday to Monday reads: “Often breezy with rain/showers in the far north. Elsewhere, mainly fine and dry, with sunny spells. Perhaps cloudier more generally Monday. Warm/very warm for many. Nearer normal in the north.”

Earlier this week, the Met Office said in its blog that "high-pressure from the Azores will extend across the bulk of the country this week, bringing predominantly settled weather and allowing temperatures to slowly rise.

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"Temperatures, particularly in the south, are likely to reach the mid, to possibly high 20s of Celsius over the next few days and into the weekend.

It said this could result in some areas reaching “heatwave criteria”, which is defined by the forecaster as an uninterrupted period of exceptionally high temperatures.

Temperatures are then set to decrease again from Tuesday.

Regional breakdown of weekend weather


According to the Met Office, it will be a comfortable 20C in the West Midlands region on Friday, with temperatures increasing to 22C on Saturday.

The hottest day of the weekend could be Sunday with a scorching 26C.

On Monday, temperatures will stay hot at 24C.

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The Met Office weekend weather for Birmingham states: “Dry and very warm over the weekend. The odd cloud seen on Saturday, but with sunshine throughout the region Sunday. Monday then sees cloud, and perhaps some light rain, return.”


The weather for Greater Manchester will be slightly cooler than Birmingham this weekend, with 18C on Friday and Saturday.

Sunday will again be the hottest day, with highs of 25C.

The mercury could cool off on Monday, back down to 18C.

The Met Office weekend weather for Manchester states: “Dry and warm into the weekend. Some cloud in the west Saturday, but with sunshine throughout the region on Sunday. Monday then sees cloud return and temperatures dropping to average.”


Those in Newcastle will be treated to a hot day on Sunday with 24C - but apart from that, temperatures will stay around 19C from Friday to Monday.

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The Met Office weekend weather for Newcastle states: “Dry over the weekend with light winds and plenty of warm sunshine, although isolated fog patches are possible around dawn. Cloudier Monday with some patchy rain and drizzle on hills.”


The mini-heatwave still looks set to arrive in Cardiff towards the end of the weekend.

Although it will only be 18C in the Welsh city on Friday, that will increase to 20C on Saturday and even more to 24C on Sunday.

Temperatures will dip slightly on Monday down to 21C.

The Met Office weekend weather for Cardiff states: “Dry and warm into the weekend. The odd cloud seen on Saturday, but with sunshine throughout the country on Sunday. Monday then sees cloud, and perhaps some light rain, return.”


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It could be a lot cooler in Belfast at the start of the weekend, with 19C on Friday and Saturday but a rise to 23C on Sunday.

However, temperatures will dip to the mid-teens on Monday with 16C.

The Met Office weekend weather for Belfast states: “Mainly dry with sunny intervals and feeling rather warm on Saturday and Sunday. A little rain on Sunday night then cooler on Monday with scattered showers.”


Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like the mini heatwave is going to arrive in Glasgow over the weekend.

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According to the Met Office, Friday will only be 17C, while Saturday’s temperatures will dip even lower to 16C.

Sunday will be the warmest day at 20C. On Monday, the mercury will dip right down again to 15C.

The Met Office weekend weather for Glasgow states: “Dry with sunny spells on Saturday. Rain spreading into Argyll on Sunday but drier, brighter and warmest in the south. Cooler with sunny spells and scattered showers on Monday.”