Morrisons has launched a family food box for under £30 - this is what you get

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Morrisons has launched a family food box which it says will feed a family of four for five evening meals.

The box comes filled with a range of fresh and dry ingredients, and even simple recipe cards with suggestions for how to use the contents of the box.

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“Unlike other recipe boxes, the Morrisons family box contains full retail-sized packs of ingredients. This means customers will also have ingredients left over at the end of the week - which they can use to cook more meals,” the supermarket said.

Tessa Callaghan, Head of Food Boxes at Morrisons, said: “Many of our customers enjoy eating meals as a family and we have seen customers do this more during the pandemic.

“It can be difficult to constantly cook up new dishes that please everyone.

“So, we wanted to create a great value box that contained high quality produce and recipe cards - to make it easier to try new things.”

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What comes in the box?

The box comes with the following items (or comparable products of the same value):

  • Morrisons Market Street British Minced Beef 12% Fat 500g
  • Morrisons The Best Thick Pork Sausages 400g x 2
  • Pilgrims Choice Mature Cheddar 350g
  • Morrisons Puff Pastry 375g
  • Morrisons Trimmed Leeks 500g
  • Morrisons Chestnut Mushrooms 250g
  • Loose Garlic
  • Morrisons Baby Plum Tomatoes 250g
  • Morrisons Maris Piper Potatoes 2.5kg
  • Morrisons Brown Onions 1kg
  • Morrisons Wonky Carrots 1kg
  • Morrisons Salad Peppers
  • Morrisons Red Kidney Beans 390g
  • Morrisons Basil 16g
  • Morrisons Parsley 11g
  • Morrisons Thyme 16g
  • Morrisons Courgettes 3 pack 240g
  • Morrisons Spaghetti 500gk
  • Morrisons Easy Cook Long Grain Rice 500g
  • Morrisons Butter Beans In Water 400g
  • Morrisons Chopped Tomatoes 400g
  • Morrisons Vegetable Stock Cubes 12's 120g
  • Eat Fresh Chilli Powder 5g
  • Morrisons Canned Reduced Fat Coconut Milk 400ml
  • Morrisons Medium Curry Powder 90g
  • Morrisons Bunched Coriander 100g

The recipes that come included in the box are:

  • Spaghetti and meatballs
  • Chili con carne
  • Veggie curry
  • Cheesy leek and mushroom pie
  • Warming sausage and butterbean bake

How much does it cost?

There are two options you can choose from when it comes to ordering the box -  the subscription option, which costs £28.50, or a one off box, priced at £30. The website states that the price also includes delivery.

The company explains that the box works out at just £1.50 per head.

“Other similar boxes on the market cost upwards of £50 for the same number of meals, and customers can save up to 78 per cent on the cost of meals per serving by choosing Morrisons,” the supermarket said.

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Morrisons also offers a range of different boxes, including everyday boxes you might need, like the Cupboard Essential Box (£20), the Meat Essentials Box (£35), the Veganuary Box (£25) or the Vegetarian Essentials Box (£35).

There are also more event-focused boxes too, like The Big Night In Box (£23) and the Afternoon Tea Box (£18).

Alternatively, there are also drink boxes, such as the Whisky Cocktail Box (£25), the Ultimate Gin Box (£39) and a range of different wine boxes, too.

There are also a number of non-food and drink related boxes, like the Ultimate Cleaning Bundle (£35), the New Baby Box (£30) and a variety of flower boxes as well.

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How to buy one

To get your hands on any of the available Morrisons boxes, you’ll need to head over to the Morrisons website and create an account. If you already have an account, simply log in.

Then select what kind of box you want and once you’ve chosen, add it to your basket and check out on the website. You can choose a delivery date that suits you, and if you order before 3pm then you can even get it the very next day.

The boxes are delivered contact-free, so you will be alerted when the delivery driver has arrived, and they will place it on your doorstep.

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