Remember the Sex Pistols and The Clash in 1977? Relive those alternative Silver Jubilee celebrations

By Nigel Booth
Tuesday, 17th May 2022, 5:21 pm
Menacing presence of lead singer of Sex Pistols Exposé
Menacing presence of lead singer of Sex Pistols Exposé

All our punk yesterdays at The HiFi Club in Leeds

History repeats itself as the Jubilee gets hijacked by the Sex Pistols but this time, it's a Tribute, writes Gary Woodhouse!

Sex Pistols Exposé crank out another of the Pistols hits

It was 45 years ago, while most of the country was joining the Queen in celebration of her Silver Jubilee, the country's youth had a different focus of attention with the Sex Pistols crashing the party on the Thames for a performance on a Riverboat.

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    Their single God Save The Queen infamously made number one in the charts, but was shunned by everyone who ran the music industry with a blacked out line in its place in the music press and left without a mention on Top Of The Pops.

    God Save The Queen

    Those youths are now middle aged and will have the chance to relive the anarchy in the form of a gig from tribute bands Sex Pistols Exposé and The Clashed who play Leeds on June 2, followed by dates in Grimsby, Derby & Rotherham.

    The Clashed get the audience whipped up
    Leeds Calling for The Clashed

    Don't expect them to be on their best behaviour though, as the likes of Johnny Rotter gives as good as he gets from foul mouthed yobs, just like Rotten did back in the day.

    Tickets are on sale at so book your place now and if you're up for it, there's a 1977 disco til the early hours.

    All this just as Danny Boyle's series on the Disney channel starts, based on Steve Jones' book, Pistol.