These are the rules for fast food chains under the new curfew - including McDonald's, Burger King and KFC

Bars, restaurants and pubs in the UK will be forced to shut their doors for sit-in customers from 10pm on Thursday, as the new government enforced curfew gets underway.

The new law means that eating out in restaurants will be ‘table service only’, but will exempt businesses selling takeaway only, and those not selling alcohol.

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Here’s everything you need to know about the new rules, and what they mean for fast food outlets.

Table service only

The new government rules have meant there is now a legal restriction on the hospitality sector to provide table service only.

However, in takeaway restaurants, customers will still be able to queue up to order, as long as they are wearing a face mask.

McDonald’s is rapidly reviewing its takeaway order procedure, which currently allows people to queue, pick up and walk out.

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Mandatory face masks

Wearing a face mask inside takeaway restaurants is now mandatory. You will need to wear one while you queue up. The queue should also be socially distanced.

What about drive throughs?

Drive throughs that are part of the restaurant will not need to close after 10pm and will be able to remain open for their usual hours.

Takeaway outlets without drive throughs will have to close at 10pm. This includes chip shops, kebab shops and fast food restaurants like McDonald’s

Will deliveries be allowed after 10?

Takeaways that are required to shut at 10pm will still be able to do deliveries until their usual closing time.

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