Walk Like a Panther is a feel-good wrestling comedy '“ set in Yorkshire

A new film about wrestling is set to hit cinemas in the coming weeks.

But rather than revolving around the flashy moves and glitzy production of a big US contest, the characters of Walk Like a Panther are retired grapplers putting on one last show to save their favourite pub.

And it's all set in Yorkshire.

Stephen Graham stars

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    The film centres on The Panthers, once a staple of British wrestling's heyday, drawing in millions of viewers both at live events and on shows like ITV's World of Sport.

    Think low-budget, Bingo Hall chic - and stars like Big Daddy and Giant Haystacks.

    But that was 30 years ago. And where once they were likely to find themselves locked in a painful submission hold on a Saturday night, now it's more probable it's a lock-in their local pub, The Half Nelson.

    When it's announced that the pub is to close, and property developers begin to move in on watering hole, the group of retired wrestlers hatch a plan to save their beloved boozer by putting on the show of a lifetime.

    I, Daniel Blake's Dave Johns and top character actor Steve Graham play a father-son duo who they set out to save their community, rekindling old friendships and family ties along the way.

    The Full Nelson

    The film's optimistic take on stark social issues isn't surprising given that it's being produced by the team behind The Full Monty.

    And with an ensemble of plucky, ageing Northerners returning to the professional wresting business after decades away (the pies and pints may have taken more of a toll on their bodies than the suplexes) it has the potential for a feel-good hit.

    (Photo: 20th Century Fox UK)

    The cast is full of recognisable faces too. Jill Halfpenny, Sue Johnston, Lindsey Coulson, Julian Sands, Jason Flemyng, Stephen Tompkinson, Michael Socha and Scroobius Pip all pop up.

    The film - which was originally conceived as a sitcom in 2011 - marks the feature-length directorial debut for Dan Cadan, who also wrote the screenplay.

    Speaking to Screen Daily, Cadan said: "This is a timely, relevant story with a big nostalgic heart."

    "This is not a film about wrestling as a sport; it's more a film about wrestling with life - which we all do, one day at a time."

    Walk Like a Panther is in UK cinemas from March 9