ATHLETICS: Nicholls hits top form in cross-country events

Issy Nicholls and the other Scarborough runners at the start of the Under-13 raceIssy Nicholls and the other Scarborough runners at the start of the Under-13 race
Issy Nicholls and the other Scarborough runners at the start of the Under-13 race
Fifteen Scarborough Athletic Club members, including six who had competed the previous day for their schools, ran at the third round of the North Yorkshire Cross Country League held at Ormesby Hall in Ripon.

After a significant amount of snow had melted, the course became extremely muddy and testing especially for the later races.

In the Under-13 girls race, Issy Nicholls achieved her second win of the weekend and led the team to the first victory this season.

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Georgia Wood and Laura Dove who had also competed the previous day, followed in sixth and ninth places respectively to complete the scoring team.

The team was backed up by Danielle Raw in 17th and Jessica Raw, who was 19th.

The meeting opened with the combined Under-11 race, and featured two of the club’s youngest competitors at the meeting, and who both coped well with the testing conditions.

Nine-year-old Gemma Tozer was 23rd girl and 10-year-old Charlie Hepples was 17th boy.

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In the Under-15 boys race, Christian Mummert and Harry Butterworth were also back in cross-country action after the schools race the previous day.

Both achieved a good result with Mummert finishing up in fourth and Butterworth in eighth.

The club’s senior women’s team that finished fifth of 11 teams was led by Sacha Butterworth, who was also competing for the second time over the weekend.

She was 20th overall of 108 and the fifth Under-17, being tailed by Nikki Carr in 22nd.

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The team was completed by Serena Partridge in 43rd and Sarah Casey in 47th.

In the final race of the meeting, the club’s three senior men battled with the deteriorating conditions.

Dale Hepples finished 68th overall of a large field of 143. Mark Malig followed in 100th, ahead of Paul Chapman, who was 120th.

Eight Scarborough Athletic Club junior athletes represented Scarborough District Schools at the North Yorkshire Cross Country Championships held at Ripon Grammar School.

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The most successful was Issy Nicholls of Ryedale School, who was the clear winner of the schools Year Seven championship,

This meant she was immediately selected to represent North Yorkshire Schools at the Northern Counties match, and also the National School Year Seven Championship.

In the same championship age group Laura Dove was 19th, Georgia Wood 21st and Ella Buttery 43rd.

Selection for the Northern Counties match in the Intermediate Girls Championship was achieved by Amy Corcoran, who finished in 13th and Sacha Butterworth 16th. Gemma Casson finished in 35th.

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Christian Mummert was also selected for the county match after a 10th place finish in the Intermediate Boys Championship.

In the Junior Boys Championship Harry Butterworth was 22nd.

Complete Results for Scarborough and District Schools

Year Seven Girls: 1 Issy Nicholls (Ryedale), 3 Tierney Walsh (Malton), 15 Lucy Macklam (Ryedale), 19 Laura Dove (Lady Lumley’s), 21 Georgia Wood (Lady Lumley’s), 29 Ann Willison (Eskdale), 30 Autumn Head (Ryedale), 31 Freya Botson (Lady Lumley’s), 36 Hannah Ritchie (Scalby), 43 Ella Buttery (Scalby), 44 Sophie Morrison (Caedmon), 46 Madi Hall (Ryedale).

Junior Girls: 2 Martha Calton-Seal (Ryedale), 17 Issy O’Brien (Malton), 19 Eva Adamski (Eskdale), 20 Isla McClanachan (Ryedale), 21 Florence Pegrum (Malton), 27 Heidi Price (Eskdale), 33 Grace Cook (Caedmon), 40 Steph Else (Ryedale).

Intermediate Girls: 9 Jaz Kent (Caedmon), 13 Amy Corcoran (Scalby), 14 Tina Adamski (Caedmon), 15 Abi Smith (Ryedale), 16 Sacha Butterworth (Scalby), 22 Issy Hogarth (Caedmon), 24 Abby McGrath (Lady Lumley’s), 31 Megan Degazon (Ryedale), 32 Anna Lees (Caedmon), 35 Gemma Casson (Scalby).

Senior Girls: 2 Maddy Mastrolonardo (Caedmon)

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Year Seven Boys: 11 Sonny McDermott (Caedmon), 15 Luca Mastronlonardo (Lady Lumley’s), 17 Charles Wright (Ryedale), 26 Joss Storrs (Eskdale), 27 James Bowsher (Ryedale), 38 Fraser Ives (Scalby), 39 Kieran Crossland (Ryedale), 40 Henry Richardson (Eskdale), 48 Rueben Archer (Lady Lumley’s).

Junior Boys: 2 Finnian Hutchinson (Ryedale), 8 Matthew Dixon (Scalby), 12 Herbert Antliff (Ryedale), 22 Harry Butterworth (Scalby), 23 Joe O’Brien (Malton), 28 Jason Robson (Malton), 32 Leyton Scott (Lady Lumley’s).

Intermediate Boys: 10 Christian Mummert (Scalby), 11 Toby Antcliff (Ryedale), 18 Toby Schofield (Ryedale), 30 Joseph Leather (Caedmon), 36 Joe Lees (Caedmon), 38 Ben Botham (Caedmon).

Senior Boys: 5 Maurice Calton-Seal (Lady Lumley’s), 8.Tyler Hutchinson (Scarborough Sixth Form College).

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