Filey's powerlifter Phil Beniston set for European Championships in Moscow

Filey powerlifter Phil Beniston has just secured another set of titles at the British Bench Press Championships.

Friday, 31st May 2019, 2:10 pm
Phil Beniston

The 55-year-old competed in the British Powerlifting Organisation (BPO) British Bench Press Championships, held in Port Talbot, Wales, where he won the 100kg class title.

He narrowly missed a World Record attempt of 215.5kg (475lb), but lifted enough to win not only his class, but the overall best lifter award.

The activities coordinator at Primrose Valley entered his first competition 32-years-ago in 1987.

Phil Beniston

He said: "I first got into it after I was in the gym and one of the lads wanted to take part in a body building competition so I said I would do the strong man competition.

"I've had the bug ever since and 33 world titles later."

His next competition will take him to Moscow, Russia for the European Championships in June, where he hopes to set some world records and personal records.

Last year, Phil competed in BPO/IPL Great Britain Championships and won the bench press with an all-time personal best world record lift of 207.5kg (457lb).

Phil Beniston

He then went on to win the Deadlift with a new European record of 260kg.

Other records in 2018 also included the Brian Smith Memorial Shield for the overall best Open lifter award, breaking world records on the Squat, Bench Press, Deadlift and Total, at the BPO British Powerlifting Championships.

Phil, who trains between three and five times per week, also coached a lifter to break the British record and win the 100kg Deadlift title.

Phil Beniston