Boro chief Bull reveals stadium plans

Scarborough Athletic have revealed their plans to upgrade the match-day experience for fans at the Flamingo Land Stadium.

Thursday, 3rd May 2018, 9:36 am
Updated Thursday, 3rd May 2018, 9:41 am
How the proposed redevelopment would look at Boros new base

Having discussed the way forward with Scarborough Borough Council and Everyone Active, the club are now keen to push towards a bright future.

The club have visions of building a 596-seater stand down the donkey field side of the ground with 10-step terracing, four-step covered terrace behind the goal at the swimming pool end and between the main stand and the swimming pool will be an eight-step terrace.

Chairman Trevor Bull said: “It is all about making the match-day experience better.

“The increased capacity will come as a result of this, but that isn’t why we are looking to do it.

“We have the vision, we hope to apply for planning permission soon and we are in the process of costing things all out.

“It won’t be in place for the start of the season, but we do know where we are trying to get to.

“We are being helped by the Premier League money, the cash that drips down to the grass-roots level of football.

“We have to get it over 3,000 to get into National League North and that could be in 12 months time depending on how things go.

“We have 252 seats at the moment, the first stage will take us to 540 then eventually we will go to 830.

“It may be that we start with the middle section, which will be a start and the terracing under the seats will be under cover as well.

“After the first stage we will have 1,300 under cover, then when it is all done we will have 2,750 people under cover in the ground.

“We want to get to a stage when people can come down and enjoy their football without worrying about getting soaked.”

The hospitality side of things will also be improved, with another room being added inside the main part of the clubhouse, so that the current board room will be used for entertaining guests.

“We have been trying to do too many things in that small room, none of them being done that well.

“The expectations of next season will be bigger with us going up another level, so we want to do things properly.

“We have taken the feedback about the beer as well, so Everyone Active have been out and sourced a brewery, so there will be a new range of beer on offer in the clubhouse.

“We are looking at a slightly different way of furnishing the clubhouse as well, we can’t do a lot because there will be a number of people in there, but we’ll do our best.”