Boro ratingsBoro ratings
Boro ratings
Scarborough Athletic won their first game of the new season at home to Colwyn Bay on Saturday.

Martin Dowey was at the game and he has marked the Boro players out of 10.

Let us know what you think.

1: Jordan Porter - 7 (Made some fine saves in his clean-sheet)

2: Scott Brown - 6 (Looked solid on debut)

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3: Dave Merris - 7 (His experience and was key in the victory)

4: Chris Bolder - 7 (Worked hard, organised well)

5: Ellis Humble - 7 (Good performance, despite only slotting in at the last minute)

6: Duran Reynolds - 6 (Won plenty against a lively attack)

7: Callum Terrell - 6 (Did okay, but vanished for long periods)

8: Eddy Birch - 6 (Linked up play relatively well)

9: Paul Beesley - 7 (Big, strong and a good finish)

10 Adam Bolder - 7 (So composed on the ball)

11: Craig Nelthorpe - 5 (Started well, but let himself down with the red card)


14: David Brown - 6 (Looked sharp, but not a great penalty)

15: Carl Stewart - 6 (Gave Boro options in attack as they hung on)

16: Niall Flint - (Not on long enough)