Bridlington Town accept offer of promotion to Step 4

Bridlington Town chairman Peter Smurthwaite has confirmed that his club will accept the offer to move up a level to Step 4 in the NLS as part of a proposed restructure.

Wednesday, 21st April 2021, 12:39 pm
Bridlington Town's Andy Norfolk.

In his statement on the club website, Smurthwaite said: "Further to my recent statement about the possible upward movement of our club to Step 4 after meetings with club officials we have decided to accept the offer to move up. This is obviously subject to the official invitation and decisions by the FA to accept our application.

"My main reservation is that we are applying to move up but don’t know what clubs will be in the new Northern Premier Division but hope that it will be a sensible geographical allocation for the division.

"In view of the above we won’t be holding a “Fans Forum” until we know more and we are in the next stage of the “Roadmap” to lift more restrictions to allow us to hold meetings in our new clubhouse. No doubt there will be plenty of discussion and comments on Social Media and as most people who know me realise being the original ‘Luddite’ I don’t really bother with these sites.

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"What I would say is obviously there will be a reasonable increase in the costs of moving to a higher level of football and this means the club will require more income. I would ask that people keep up the recent upward trend of support for the club and if you feel the need to be negative with comments on Social Media come down to the club, have a pint and talk to me about your concerns face to face as someone once said, “It’s good to talk”.

"We have quite a few plans to maximise the use of the new facilities with community clubs during the day and ‘Sports Persons Events’ on an evening. Also should you require to hold a party or any other suitable event at the club please contact Becky on 01262 606879 or call in and have a chat with her to discuss your requirements.

"When we find out whatever league we are in once the fixtures are released book early if you want to sponsor a game by contacting Dom Taylor in the usual manner and through the club's new website.

"Hopefully when things get back to normal people will want to watch proper football in a safe and friendly environment at a sensible cost especially with professional football going the way it is with the European Super League showing that real fans are now becoming valued less and less by the top clubs in football.

"Come and support grassroots football clubs where your valued support will be appreciated. As always remember there is always room for more volunteers at our games as I have stated before especially the away games and let’s keep up the excellent reputation of this special football club."