Filey Flyers quit Scarborough Sunday League due to a lack of players

Sunday LeagueSunday League
Sunday League
Filey Flyers have quit the Scarborough Sunday Football League due to a lack of players.

Luke Page, who had managed the Filey-based team with Steve Chittenden, said: "Unfortunately we've been forced into folding the club, despite having 20+ players signed we've struggled getting 11 on the pitch for months now so it was costing money with fines etc.

"I think most lads didn't want to play the better teams as we couldn't compete and it just wasn't enjoyable. One division has killed Sunday football.

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"I think there should be a cap on signing players on as some clubs have something like 40+ players but can only pick 16 on the day.

"I would like to state my appreciation to all the lads that kept turning up for us this season."

Sunday League secretary Paddy Parke said: "Darren Clough of Flyers has been working tirelessly but they couldn't get enough players to commit s he had to fold the club.

"We have now got eight teams in the league and as we always do as a league we are trying our hardest to keep them all going strong."