Former Scarborough FC secretary Shaun Harvey to leave EFL role

Shaun Harvey, centreShaun Harvey, centre
Shaun Harvey, centre
Former Scarborough FC club secretary Shaun Harvey will leave his position as chief executive of the EFL at the end of the season.

Harvey was appointed to the role at Boro in 1993 by then chairman Geoffrey Richmond and he held it between May of that year to March of 1994, before following Richmond to Bradford City.

He later held the chief executive role at Leeds United and took their reins at the EFL in 2013.

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Harvey said: “Having joined the EFL as CEO in October 2013, I am proud of what we have achieved since then, in what have not always been easy circumstances.

“Consistently during my time, I have always looked to push boundaries to make the maximum positive impact for Clubs, whether this be from a financial perspective or by generating value in another way. I have always held the view that the strength of the EFL, is its clubs and no club, or indeed individual, is bigger or more important than the collective or the EFL itself.

“After discussions with the board, we decided that the time is right for the EFL to now move in a different direction having concluded a number of commercial contracts that leave the League in a stable position.

“I am happy to remain as CEO until after the play-offs, in order to conclude a number of outstanding matters that we are currently dealing with, after which I will move on to pastures new and hopefully make a positive difference elsewhere.”