Long-serving director Geoff Osguthorpe hails fans' excellent support ahead of biggest game in Scarborough Athletic's history

Boro fans celebrate the win against Matlock TownBoro fans celebrate the win against Matlock Town
Boro fans celebrate the win against Matlock Town
Scarborough Athletic's longest-serving director Geoff Osguthorpe has hailed the excellent support of the club's fans ahead of the play-off final on Monday, and underlined the value to signing up for Trust memberships.

Osguthorpe, who joined the club's board in 2008, said: "The club are overwhelmed by the support and appetite that the town has shown the club in its pursuit of winning the NPL Premier Division play-offs.

"The atmosphere and support in last Tuesday's game against Matlock was magical and one of the best match-day experiences I have been involved in since coming onto the board some 15 years or so ago - the place was rocking it was electrifying. Hopefully we will see the same on Monday with another record crowd.

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"i can't wait for our biggest game in our history, the excitement and buzz around town is electric, and what a fantastic financial boost and bonus our play-off push has brought to the club which will allow us to strengthen the team and make ground improvements.

"The transformation from where the club was when I first joined back in 2008 to now has been fantastic although it has been a very long journey to get to where we are now.

"But we all want more and the current board and group of volunteers are very determined to push the club as high up the pyramid as we possibly can go as well as strengthen the community ties.

"Of course we currently are very limited with capacity rules and so its very sad that a very large number of fans will not be able to be in the ground on Monday but we are working on ways on which those fans can be part of the day and experience.

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"On the back of this I wanted to highlight the importance of the club's Trust Membership model and that it is worth more fans investing into this.

Boro director Geoff Osguthorpe and former Boro director Nick Finch at the Flamingo Land StadiumBoro director Geoff Osguthorpe and former Boro director Nick Finch at the Flamingo Land Stadium
Boro director Geoff Osguthorpe and former Boro director Nick Finch at the Flamingo Land Stadium

"With our fanbase continuing growing hopefully the club's ownership will grow and we will become stronger because of it.

"The work being done on the 'Seapups' junior membership, which has really taken off for the younger fans, has been fantastic and that is one of the ways we are trying to invest in the club's future."

The Trust Memberships are as follows:

BRONZE MEMBERSHIP (£15 per year) This costs only £15 per year, and gives you full membership of the Society. You will be the owner of one share, and will also be entitled to one vote at General Meetings, and also in board elections. In addition, membership entitles you to stand for election to the board.

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BRONZE PLUS MEMBERSHIP (£5 per month): A membership allows people to pay more than the £15 per year with the additional payment being a donation to the club.

SILVER MEMBERSHIP - £12 a month (or £144 per year) and GOLD MEMBERSHIP - £25 a month (or £300 per year): Silver and Gold members have exactly the same share ownership and voting rights as regular bronze members, but also have the benefit of knowing that they are making an extra contributing to the financial well-being of the club.

JUNIOR MEMBERSHIP- £5 per year: If you are under 16 years old, or want to purchase a membership for your son or daughter, nephew or niece, or a newborn Boro fan, a Junior membership available for just £5 per year. This membership does not give any voting rights at elections or AGMs, but junior members will receive a certificate.

FAMILY MEMBERSHIP- £25 per year: This is for two adults and two juniors within the same family unit. If family names are forwarded to the administrator, a separate certificate can be created for each person. the two adults have individual ownership and voting rights.

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