North Riding FA Cup holders Angel quit Scarborough Sunday League

The local grassroots football community has been rocked by the resignation of North Riding FA Sunday Challenge Cup holders Angel from the Scarborough Sunday League.

By Andy Bloomfield
Thursday, 21st October 2021, 9:00 am
Angel celebrate their NRCFA Cup 4-1 final win against Traf in May
Angel celebrate their NRCFA Cup 4-1 final win against Traf in May

The withdrawal of Angel means there are now only nine teams left in the Sunday League.

Dan Jones, who had been manager of Angel since its formation in 2016, took the decision to fold the club on Monday morning as they’d been struggling to raise a side all season.

He said: “We had a bare 11 in the first game of the season and I feared the worst then. I had asked all the lads during the summer, after we won the County Cup, if they wanted to go again and they said they were all up for it.

Angel boss Dan Jones

“Last Sunday I had 18 players confirmed to play on Saturday afternoon but by the morning there were only 11, and we ended up playing for an hour with 10 after a player was injured.

“There seems to be no commitment from younger players nowadays, they seem more bothered about Fortnite or Instagram than getting up on a Sunday to play football.

“When I started playing men’s football 14 years ago as a 16-year-old it was a big thing to move into senior football and you had to earn your place, it was all part of becoming a man.

“It is not like that now and I fear for the future of league football in Scarborough as both Saturday and Sundays seem to be very much on the demise.”

Angel's team cheer after their cup final win over Traf in may

Angel have had a hugely successful time in their brief time in the league, winning every possible league and cup trophy.

Jones added: “We set up as a bunch of mates and as much as we have had very good footballers at the core who have been in their best form during the Angel years, it was always much more about what fun we could have after games and having a few drinks.

“I think the social side is something that has fallen away from local football, but we always organised stuff after games and looking on social media today after the decision was made to resign it is great to see all the happy memories we made during the five years or so as Angel.

“I would like to thank all the players who have helped us gain success over the years.

“I would also like to thank Paddy Parke, Steve Frederiksen and Dan Thomas for all they have done keeping the league going.

“I have done my bit for local football and hope it can survive the turbulent times but that is me done now as I have family commitments. I will stick to playing for Ayton on Saturdays and enjoying football again.”

Sunday League secretary Paddy Parke said: “It is gutting for the club, for manager Dan Jones and the league.

“To lose a team who are the County Cup holders and are a strong team in the league is a big blow, there are some very good players now going to be without a team.

“Unfortunately this has been coming for the last four or five years in the local leagues around here.

“Hopefully the remaining nine clubs will keep pushing on in the league and cup competitions and we can regroup for the 2022-23 season.

“I would also like to say that the referees’ commitment has been essential for us this season and would like to thank them all.”