Open letter from Whitby Town chairman Eddie McNamee

Blues chairman Eddie McNameeBlues chairman Eddie McNamee
Blues chairman Eddie McNamee
Having taken over as Chairman of Whitby Town Football Club in October 2018, I was both honoured and worried in equal measure.

The role has been undertaken by some real characters and people of stature over the decades and I am truly honoured to be asked to take on this role.

I have been fortunate in that, I joined at the same time as a small group of investors who have pledged to support the club and assist where necessary, not only with investment but with their commercial know how.

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The initial euphoria was soon brought into reality however, when the first phase of investment simply disappeared, as we have inherited a club that was far more in debt than anticipated.My understanding of the financial state of the club is way different to the reality.

This is why I am asking the fans and the people of Whitby Town help our investors to put the club back in order and work with us to clear off the debt.

I am sure that the previous regime did their best to maintain a successful operation, but the last few seasons have taken a toll on club finances, leaving some serious gaps in day to day funding.

We are fortunate that all of the businesses and people we need to help us to operate are prepared to work with us to ensure we can clear the debt.

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I can only keep asking the investors for so much money, which to date they have supported me on.

They have also invested in the bar and clubhouse as the first phase of investment which looks great and shows their intent to help the club to progress.

There are many other changes planned over the next few months, but we need to ensure the old debt is cleared.

This is where I hope our fans and the people of Whitby can help.

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We need more volunteers, club members and supporters to attend matches, all of whom will ensure this great club will improve.

I am also aware we have a lot to do to reconnect with the community and I am determined to make this happen.

The club needs the town on side in our drive to get back on track.

We already have the start of a great team and I want you to come and join us, with investors and a team of willing volunteers, I am confident we will succeed.

Thanks for reading

Eddie McNamee

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Fans can help Whitby Town Football Club in a number of ways.

The 1926 Club - a fund specifically for boss Chris Hardy’s playing budget - has been set up this season to help the club progress.

Should supporters wish to donate to the 1926 Fund, they can do so via

If you’d like to support in other ways or find out more, email: [email protected] or phone 07969 812375.

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