PAUL FOOT: Ghaichem exit a frustrating blow

The departure of midfielder Jimmy Ghaichem to AFC Mansfield this week has been frustrating.

By Paul Foot
Friday, 6th February 2015, 12:00 pm
Paul Foot

Earlier in the season Jimmy (pictured below) was a player who wasn’t playing well, for me he wasn’t up to scratch.

But since then Bryan (Hughes) and myself got hold of him and found his key attributes, which are getting in people’s faces and chasing things down.

The lads seemed to follow Jimmy’s lead in this and with him running in the right areas he was very effective.

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I know that Jimmy has a few mates down at AFC Mansfield and he obviously knows their manager Rudy Funk very well from his time at Scarborough.

The frustrating thing is the fact that we were playing him and we had players sitting there on the bench, who were loyally waiting for their turn.

The big part of it is the contract that AFC Mansfield offered Jimmy.

We have missed out on players because they have asked about contracts and at the moment that is something we can’t offer.

Chris Bolder’s injury is a great example of why contracts are good for players.

He is now not being paid after his injury and that has obviously affected him.

Contracts are obviously something we’d like to look at in the future.

I can understand 100 per cent why the club and the fans are a little worried though because I was there when Scarborough FC had their money issues in the past.

A lot of people were burned by that and you can see why people show their concerns.

I was never on a contract at North Ferriby, it was all sorted by a hand-shake because myself, Chris Bolder, Gary Bradshaw, Steve Ridley, Ryan Williams and a few of the other lads were all loyal.

We had that togetherness at that club, which meant that you just wanted to go out and play.

That is what we are trying to create now, a happiness in the camp.

If you have that, along with honesty when I think that can outweight anything else.