Rolling subs for Sunday Cups

Some Scarborough sides will be reading their rule books this weekend when they do battle in the North Riding FA’s Saturday and Sunday Cups.

Thursday, 2nd October 2014, 1:34 pm

This will be the first time that rolling subs are permitted in the competitions, allowing teams to bring on previously substituted players, as long as no more than five are used.

Sunday League chairman Mark Plumpton feels that this law will be a huge step forward for local football.

He said: “I have pushed for this the last two years in the Sunday League and personally I feel it only benefits the game.

“By having five subs it is giving two extra players the chance to take part in the game, which with the current rules you can not do.

“You can gradually introduce young players into your team with this rule as there is no pressure of them having to play from the start. You also won’t have young players standing on the side at the end having not been used.

“It benefits older players too, and those who are currently only playing five-a-side as they are not fit enough for a full 90, hopefully it will bring them back in to the game.

“The stats from the North Riding back up that it increases player participation over the course of the season as players know they will now be involved.

“Managers won’t have to leave them standing doing the line as they are worried that players might get an injury so they have to save the last sub.

“It’s a no-lose situation for me. The big thing to remember is why do teams only end up with 11/12/13 men after Christmas? Because over the winter months and at the start of the season those teams with 15/16-plus players can’t play them all and they just give up the game.

“With the modern day culture of technology and Fifa it is so easy for those kids to just give up, this hopefully will keep them involved.”


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