Scarborough Athletic chairman Bull outlines plans to navigate coronavirus challenges and plug £40,000 hole

Scarborough Athletic have outlined plans to try and plug a £40,000 gap left amidst the chaos of the coronavirus.
Boro chairman Trevor BullBoro chairman Trevor Bull
Boro chairman Trevor Bull

Boro find themselves in a tricky situation with outgoings to take care of but no fixtures to bring revenue in.

The club had four home games left to be played, including a potential money-spinning clash against FC United of Manchester, when action was suspended, while fundraising events including a sportsman's dinner with former manager Neil Warnock, had to be cancelled.

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That leaves the club searching to plug the £40,000 gap, and Bull is hoping a collective effort will see them navigate the tricky waters they find themselves in.

"Taking everything into account, it's probably going to cost us £40,000 in revenue," said Bull.

"We had four home games left including a game against FC United of Manchester, which would've attracted a big crowd, and also had to cancel two fundraising events too."

Bull was quick to sing the praises of Everyone Active, who run the Scarborough Leisure Village including the operations at the Flamingo Land Stadium, revealing they have agreed not to charge the club rent for the postponed remaining four home games.

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"I have to say, Everyone Active have been absolutely fantastic in helping us out by not charging us for the games we have had to postpone," added Bull.

A statement released by the club was quick to ask for a collective effort to get the club through these tricky times and to try and avoid a repeat of the fate suffered by the former Scarborough FC back in 2007.

The statement read: "Many of you reading this will remember all too well the loss of the old club in 2007.

"Since then we have come a long way, culminating in the memorable return home in July 2017.

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"We are home and we want to stay here. With a concerted and collective effort, we believe that Scarborough Athletic will come through this challenging period and emerge on a sound footing, ready for the years to come."

More information on the club's fundraising initiatives, including a virtual fixture, the new 2020 Club, club lottery, buy a brick and more, can be found via