Scarborough Athletic manager Darren Kelly declares interest in vacant international role

Scarborough Athletic manager Darren Kelly has declared his interest in the vacant Northern Ireland Under-21s job - but insists it would be a dual role alongside his current position with the Seadogs.
Boro boss Darren Kelly is interested in the Northern Ireland U21s jobBoro boss Darren Kelly is interested in the Northern Ireland U21s job
Boro boss Darren Kelly is interested in the Northern Ireland U21s job

The Boro boss has been linked with the part-time position after Ian Baraclough's promotion to take over the senior team.

Kelly told Derry Now: “I think that if you’re doing a half decent job somewhere, you’re going to be linked with jobs,” he said.

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“Quite a few people have got in touch with me about this, people who have tracked my progress in England and it really got me thinking. I’ve really done my due diligence into it and I’m interested. Thinking ahead, I think I can show a lot.

“I've always believed in my ability.

“I took a deep breath and came back. The way I was going to do it anyway was start at the bottom and work my way up so I effectively did that, with a lot of learning and for the last number of years things have been going very well."

Boro boss Kelly insists this role wouldn't lead to him leaving the Seadogs, adding that he's loving his time in charge at the Flamingo Land Stadium.

He added: "I'm loving working for Scarborough Athletic and I'm working hard at the moment to assemble a strong squad for the new season.

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"We can't get back out there soon enough, and I'm looking forward for us to be getting together as a group soon."

On the role with Northern Ireland, Kelly added: “"I have the qualifications and experience and I think this would be a role I could stand out in.

“In Ireland there are a lot of good managers, the like of Decky (Devine) and Oran Kearney, and they just need that chance.

"I would be interested in this because I believe I could have an influence, especially in Derry. Having a Derry man in that role, there would be a better chance of persuading players, because my background is there.

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“Only last week, Ian Baraclough said he wants to compete with Stephen Kenny for the boys of Derry and I believe I would have influence because I have been there and done that.

“I think I can offer a lot. I was lucky to work under some great managers and I have picked up little things that worked. I can coach, I can manage and I’m equipped with other strengths that can help.

"I’ve had a couple of interviews in the Football League but they have gone with the experience, but I don’t think I’m too far off.”