Ganton Golf Club ranked as the top golf course in the UK, and fifth in the world

Ganton Golf Club has been rated as the top golf course in the UK in a new analysis.

By Andy Bloomfield
Friday, 11th February 2022, 12:25 pm
Updated Friday, 11th February 2022, 12:38 pm
Ganton Golf Club
Ganton Golf Club

Specialist Sports Insurance provider SportsCover Direct has analysed over 100 golf courses, looking at heritage, cloud cover, annual rainfall and public reviews to reveal the top 50 golf courses around the world.

Ganton Golf Club was ranked as fifth in the world, and takes precedence as the highest-rated UK golf course, scoring 81.2.

Its sandy heathland promises over 100 bunkers, providing an interesting challenge even for golfers with an admirable handicap.

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Ganton Golf Club

Home to the 1949 Ryder Cup, Ganton Golf Club has a historical reputation since it was first established in 1891, making it the oldest course to feature the top 10 global golf courses.

LA’s Country Club (North) is revealed to be the best golf course in the world, boasting an overall score of 85.3.

Famous for its varied terrain, golfers can play a round on two 18-hole courses and challenge their golfing skills across its mix of hills, ridges, swales, and valleys. Over 100 years old, it was originally established in 1897, and has actually moved three times before it finally settled in its current location in the glamorous Beverly Hills.

Although Scotland’s St Andrews Links in Fife is renowned for being the oldest golf course in the world, it comes in 66th place overall.

Ganton Golf Club

It scored 64.5 due to having high annual rainfall (1246 ml!) and naturally high cloud cover throughout the year.

In fact, the top club in Scotland is the Royal Aberdeen, coming in 41st overall and scoring 69.4, getting 27% less rainfall than golfers playing at St Andrews.

Sean Walsh, Marketing Manager from SportsCover Direct said: “Whatever your handicap, there are plenty of golf courses to choose from based on where you would like to travel and the conditions as well.

"For golfers who prefer to play in the cooling shade, you may opt for a UK course. Or if you can persevere with the heat, visiting a top-rated club in the UAE and Australia could make the ultimate golfing holiday across the globe.”