JUNIOR REPORT: Youngsters shine at Driffield event

Things are most definitely back in action on the McCain's Active Youth front at Scarborough RUFC and the festive celebrations are all but a distant memory.

Graham Hogg's Junior Report
Graham Hogg's Junior Report

The boys and girls have been working hard over the last two weeks both preparing for matches on the training field as well as playing games and tournaments to kick off this year in style.

The weekend before last all our minis were in action at a matrix competition in Driffield.

There were a number of teams from around the area at the competition and all our age groups from Under-Sevens through to Under-12s performed excellently with some good skills on show as well as good sportsmanship and team work which are always great to see from the youngsters.

On the same day there were a number of junior fixtures happening at Silver Royd with both the Under-14s and Under-16s in action against Beverley and Ripon respectively.

Both were tough fixtures indeed, with the Under-14s going down to a well-drilled Beverley side and our Under-16s coming out on top of a big physical Ripon team.

This was a great win for the group and hopefully a sign of what’s to come for the rest of the year.

While these two games were going ahead there were also a number of other teams on the training paddock preparing for their games the following week.

Both the Under-13s and Colts were hard at work as well as the Valkyries team on the other pitches.

Last weekend again was a busy one with all the minis up at Silver Royd training for next week’s game at Beverley.

All the kids loved running about and playing the game at the same time as getting ridiculously muddy and wet which is all part of the fun.

Massive thanks to all parents who with stood the rain and freezing temperatures as there wasn’t as many smiles coming from them as what there was from their offspring.....I’ve been assured the weather does get better.

Again there were a few games on for the juniors but unfortunately a few away games fell foul to the weather.

Our Under-13s had a game against our neighbours Whitby and there was some good play on show from both sides.

The Scarborough attacking play was very exciting to see and hopefully will get even better through the upcoming weeks as they have a number of games to come over the next month or so.

On the next pitch we had the Under-14s who were playing against Ripon.

This was a big learning curve for our boys as Ripon were a very good team with a high quality skill set as well as a tight-knit defence.

Our boys showed up well though with a number of good performances both from the backs and the forwards although in defeat.

This week we have all our minis back in action as I’ve mentioned at Beverley as well as games at home for our Under-13s for boys and girls as well as our Colts team finally getting to play a match at home against Scunthorpe.

All are set to be exciting encounters, so as always please come up to Silver Royd and support the club’s future.