Bridlington Road Runners clock up the miles at events across England

For what felt like the first time since the start of the pandemic, Bridlington Road Runners had members heading in all directions to represent the club in races over the weekend.

By Andy Bloomfield
Wednesday, 6th April 2022, 6:12 am
Stuart Gent in action at the Manchester Marathon
Stuart Gent in action at the Manchester Marathon

The yellow and black colours were on show in London, Manchester, Bramham Park and at the Hornsea Third race, as well as at various Parkruns, writes John Edwards.

Flying the flag for Bridlington at the Manchester Marathon were Alan Feldberg, who finished 3,139th in 3:26:27, and Stuart Gent, who achieved his aim of getting under four-and-a-half hours despite disruption to his training in the weeks before the race.

Di Raper travelled to the capital and loved running the London Landmarks Half Marathon, which she completed in just under two hours and 26 minutes.

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Kerry Whitehead won her age category and was fifth lady at the Bramham Park Half Marathon Trail Run, finishing 29th overall in an impressive time of 1:52:29.

Closer to home, four runners tackled the Hornsea Third, run over a third-of-a-marathon distance.

Martin Hutchinson dipped under the hour mark by four seconds to set a course PB by nine minutes, and he was third in his age category and 28th overall.

Mollie Holehouse was not far behind, 55th in 1:05:03 and Amanda Tindall and Simon Porter were also in action representing Bridlington Road Runners.

Bridlington Road Runners Mollie Holehouse and Martin Hutchinson at the Hornsea Third

At Saturday’s Sewerby Parkrun, junior Oliver Stevenson was the only BRR member to set a personal best, but it was a massive PB, beating his previous record by a minute and 29 seconds.

James Wilson won, a minute clear of Phill Taylor, with Nick Jordan and James Briggs fourth and fifth. Nick Craggs enjoyed a top 10 finish and Annabelle Miller was third female.

Chloe Whitehouse picked up a PB at Lincoln Parkrun and Nicola Fowler beat her 5km PB with her virtual Parkrun.

Sewerby Parkrun: 1 James Wilson 17:43, 2 Phill Taylor 18:42, 4 Nick Jordan 19:17, 5 James Briggs 20:10, 8 Nick Craggs 21:17, 13 Adam Dyas 21:59, 17 Annabelle Miller (jnr) 22:41, 18 Ben Edwards (jnr) 22:53, 22 Rebecca Miller (jnr) 23:07, 24 Jonathan Ogden 23:17, 28 Ted Imeson (jnr) 23:51, 30 T J Choat (jnr) 23:57, 31 Evie Lakes (jnr) 24:00, 32 Justin Choat 24:02, 34 Chris Price 24:18, 35 Erin Gummerson (jnr) 24:25, 36 Graham Lonsdale 24:55, 39 Patricia Bielby 25:16, 40 Luke Duffill 25:19, 42 Keren Miller 25:25, 44 Chris Humphries 25:50, 46 Kara Mainprize 26:07, 48 Joshua Miller (jnr) 26:24, 49 Greg Miller 26:24, 53 Dominique Webster 26:54, 55 Oliver Stevenson (jnr) 27:00, 71 Simon Porter 28:35, 73 Stuart Gent 28:46, 78 Louise Taylor 29:02, 86 Isaac McNulty (jnr) 29:22, 101 Anne Kelly 30:58, 102 Paul Brown 30:59, 103 Ethan Jones (jnr) 31:00, 105 Dave Pring 31:22, 106 William McNulty (jnr) 31:40, 117 Erin Jones (jnr) 32:27, 122 Kevin Sissons 32:49, 125 Dave Foster 33:15, 129 L M E Choat (jnr) 34:07, 130 Kirsten Porter 34:09, 132 Emma Choat 34:20, 148 Janet Downes 37:14, 149 Sam Adams 37:15, 159 Hope Adams (jnr) 38:55, 161 Linda Hall 39:13, 162 Debbie Duffill 39:20, 176 Amanda Tindall 58:18 (Tailwalker)

Di Raper at the London Landmarks Half Marathon

Lincoln Parkrun: 92 Chloe Whitehouse 26:57

North Yorkshire Water Park Parkrun: 18 Micah Gibson (jnr) 22:36, 78 Lucinda Gibson 31:00, 115 Tina Calthorpe 43:54, 116 Rob Calthorpe 43:55

Virtual Parkrun: Mim Ireland 25:00, Gillian Taylor 25:07, Nicola Fowler 27:15

Hornsea Third Marathon: 28 Martin Hutchinson 59:56, 55 Mollie Holehouse 1:05:03, 262 Amanda Tindall 1:26:25, 263 Simon Porter 1:26:26

Bridlington Road Runners' Pat Bielby, who got the highest age grade score at Sewerby Parkrun by a massive margin

Bramham Park Half Marathon Trail Run: 29 Kerry Whitehead 1:52:20

Manchester Marathon3139 Alan Feldberg 3:26:27 9674 Stuart Gent 4:28:41

London Landmarks Half Marathon: 5783 Di Raper 2:25:54