Darryl Koekemoer leads the way for Scarborough Athletic Club in East Yorkshire Cross Country League opener

Twenty-eight members of Scarborough Athletic Club competed in the East Yorkshire Cross Country League opener at Bishop Wilton.
Scarborough Athletic Club's squad at the East Yorkshire Cross Country League opener at Bishop Wilton.Scarborough Athletic Club's squad at the East Yorkshire Cross Country League opener at Bishop Wilton.
Scarborough Athletic Club's squad at the East Yorkshire Cross Country League opener at Bishop Wilton.

On what was the 25th anniversary of the club’s formation, which was formed in 1998 after an amalgamation of three Scarborough clubs, the club achieved their best first place team result for 10 years, when only eight teams competed in the league at that time, writes Mick Thompson.

The successful men’s team was led by Darryl Koekemoer who made an outstanding league debut, after finishing fourth overall of 365, which was an increased total of 11 participating clubs.

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Darryl was followed by Mark Thomas in 8th, Paul Lawton 10th and Andrew Kaufman who also made a league debut in 17th and Ian Spence 18th. Robert Preston closed in for the winning team in 23rd.

Hester Butterworth raced to an age-group win at Bishop Wilton.Hester Butterworth raced to an age-group win at Bishop Wilton.
Hester Butterworth raced to an age-group win at Bishop Wilton.

The women’s team of four was led by Hester Butterworth who was sixth female overall and most notably first Over-50, a repeat of her Age Group win at the opening North Yorkshire League fixture at Acklam the previous week.

Hester was followed by Fay Hethershaw in 30th of 221 females and 4th Over-50 and Sarah Noble 59th. Jane Hamp closed in for the team which was 8th, when finishing in 64th and 1st Over-65.

The men’s team was backed up by; S. Burnley, J. Ward, C.Duck, D.Hepples, L.Wood, Neil Scruton 1st Over-75, R. Grainger, R. Bailey, A.Curtis, M.Rutt, D. Smart, C. Clayton, D.Field, A.Atkinson.

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The female team was backed up by; M. Padgham, M.D’Eath, J.Clayton, S. Kingscott.

Three SAC members competed at a rainy Glasgow to Edinburgh Ultra 56 miles Road Race.

Caroline Metcalf and Ruth Frank completed the course in 54th and 55th places of the 118 female entrants in 13 hours 52 minutes and were well inside the cut-off time.

Keith Pritchard was 228th of the 404 entrants in 14 hours 46 minutes and also inside the cut-off time.

Andrew Hopper competed in the Lisbon Half-Marathon.

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In what was very hot weather, he finished in 312th place in 92.52 of 6,275 and was 31st Over-50.

Two club members competed in an inaugural Multi-Terrain 5-Kilometre Race that was an addition to the annual Bridlington Festival event. The race started at Bridlington, consisted of an out and back course on coastal paths to Sewerby.

Martin Pepworth was 14th male in 25.11 and Mandy Pepworth 21st female in 44.11.

Twenty-four SAC members took part in the North Yorkshire Water Park parkrun.

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The first finisher for the club was Anna Giddings who was first female overall of 77 and 9th overall of 173 in a PB.

David Nurse led the club’s males after finishing 10th male overall on both his club and Parkrun debut at this venue.

Other Male Results; M. Middleton 12th, M. Rutt 30th, M. Pepworth 5th Over-55, A. Padgham 38th, D. Fox 3rd Over-70, R. Grainger 8th Over-50.R. Hyde 9th Over-50, R. Broadley 1st Over-75, H. Forkin 2nd Over-75,M.Thompson 1st Over-80, J.Kitto 3rd Over-70

Other Female Results; B. Macedonski 1st Over-55, J. Graves 1st Over-60, C. Bilton 3rd Over-45 with a PB, L. Lester 5th Over-45, A. Metcalf 5th Over-60, L. Bayes 1st Over-70, M. Pepworth 9th Over-60, W. Pattison 10th Over-50, N. Edmond 8th Over-55. E. Waite 9th Ovrer-40

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Helpers; D. Bailey, D.Hepples, Melanie Padgham, Mandy and Martin Padgham, Chloe, Chris, Ellie and Jacob Waite.

At the Cinder Track Whitby parkrun, Club Chairman David Field was 18th of 67 males and 2nd O55.

Clare O’Neil was 8th overall of 56 and 2nd O45, Nicola Doody was 5th O45, and Andrew Doody was 7th O50.

At Sewerby parkrun, SAC’s Robert Glover was 50th of 123 males and 7th O45.

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Pauline Elliott was 35th of 96 females and 7th O45, Linda Hinchliffe was 4th O50, while Mary Slater and Patricia Keenan were 4th and 6th O70.

At the Dalby Forest parkrun, Robbie Preston was 24th overall of 185 and 20th male of 77.

Jennie Trown was 12th female of 94 and 2nd O40, and Dawn Trown was 5th O50.

At the St Albans parkrun, Suzanne Villiers was 2nd O60, at York parkrun, Gill Glegg was 121st of 425 females overall and 7th O60, and at Oldham parkrun Kevin Hutchings was 13th O55.

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At Barton on Humber parkrun Harry Whitehouse was 2nd Over-70, at Houghton-le-Spring parkrun Phillip Bowmaker was 31st of 132 males, at Lincoln parkrun Val Parkin was 3rd Over-60, and at Hillsborough Sheffield parkun Rebecca Dent was 10th female of 192​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​.

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