Young Bridlington Road Runners impress at Humberside and Lincolnshire Track Championships

Another busy week for Bridlington Road Runners has seen juniors excelling on the track and senior members tackling ultra marathons, half marathons and a huge mix of other races.

By Andy Bloomfield
Thursday, 19th May 2022, 6:38 am
Young Bridlington Road Runners show off their medals at Humberside and Lincolnshire Track Championships
Young Bridlington Road Runners show off their medals at Humberside and Lincolnshire Track Championships

The juniors gave some outstanding performances in the Humberside and Lincolnshire Track Championships, held at Hull on Saturday and Boston on Sunday.

Against opponents more used to running on the track and more experienced in the field events, the group from Bridlington more than held their own.

Daniel Imeson won gold in the 80m hurdles and high jump in his age category, as well as silver in the 100m and bronze in the javelin and long jump.

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There were silvers for Teddy Imeson (long jump, 75m hurdles), Becky Miller (long jump), Louie Dixon (high jump) and bronze medals for Evie Lakes (100m), Josh Miller (150m), Becky Miller (1,500m), Rebecca Addison (long jump and 200m) and Isaac McNulty (200m)

Isaac had set a PB at Sewerby Parkrun the previous day, when he was paced around the course by Phill Taylor.

An ultra marathon around Lake Windermere was the challenge facing Danny Brunton and Lisa Cockcroft. Brunton completed the 47-mile course in eight hours and 37 minutes to finish as seventh male.

Having completed 9,000ft of elevation, Cockcroft finished in just over 11-and-a-half hours.

Young Bridlington Road Runners impress at Humberside and Lincolnshire Track Championships

The week had started with the latest round of the East Hull Harriers Summer League, which was the third race in the Road Runners’ own club summer league series.

Kara Mainprize won the over 35 age category and retained her lead in the women’s table.

Kirsten Porter won the ladies handicap ahead of Mainprize and Heidi Baker.

Dave Foster won the men’s handicap, with Bob Eyre second and Graham Lonsdale third.

After three races, Mainprize, Amy Fowler and Lucinda Gibson are the top three in the ladies’ table, and Lonsdale, Pete Royal, Micah Gibson and EYre lead the way for the men.

The next race is the Carnaby Canter 10K on 16th June

Finally, Martin Hutchinson was first over 50 and 11th overall at the Chase the Sun Roundhay Park 10K.

EHH Summer League, East Park 4 Mile: Men: 48 Simon Ellerker 26:51, 59 Ashley Porter 28:03, 73 Micah Gibson 28:40, 78 Graham Lonsdale 28:59, 117 Josh Taylor 33:23, 120 Simon Porter 33:59 130 Bob Eyre 35:35, 136 Pete Royal 37:49, 141 Dave Foster 39:37

Women: 13 Gillian Taylor 31:05, 15 Kelly Palmer 31:49, 16 Kara Mainprize 31:55, 18 Amy Fowler 31:58, 22 Diane Palmer 33:09, 25 Heidi Baker 33:18, 27 Dominique Webster 33:22, 28 Verona Petty 33:43, 40 Jane Welbourn 36:19, 42 Nicola Fowler 36:41, 46 Amanda Tindall 37:54, 47 Kirsten Porter 37:55, 52 Anne Kelly 39:57, 53 Lucinda Gibson 40:32

East Park Fun Run: 81 James Ellerker 13:15

Chase the Sun Roundhay Park: 11 Martin Hutchinson 44:53.

Parkrun saw a host of impressive performances, with Bridlington represented at five events.

James Wilson won at Sewerby, Pat Bielby recorded the best age grade result in the Goole event’s history, where Anne Kelly ran her fastest Parkrun so far, while Dave Foster and Rob

Calthorpe set PBs at North Yorks Water Park. Paul Brown chalked up his 300th Parkrun.

A number of runners also tackled the tough Ravenscar Half Marathon on Sunday.

Dan Cawthorne finished fifth and Joanna Dagnan was first lady, while Alan Feldberg and Allan McFarlane also got under two hours.

Results, Sewerby Parkrun: 1 James Wilson 17:33, 12 Tom Woodhouse 20:23, 14 Martin Hutchinson 20:31, 17 Isaac McNulty (jnr) 20:55, 18 Phill Taylor 20:57, 19 Adam Dyas 21:16, 24 Micah Gibson (jnr) 21:55, 30 Jason Pointez 22:31, 31 Justin Choat 22:34, 33 T J Choat (jnr) 22:47, 34 Alan Feldberg 23:19, 36 Rebecca Miller (jnr) 23:25, 39 Damian Probett 23:33, 43 Jonathan Ogden 24:03, 44 Gillian Taylor 24:11, 49 Ben Edwards (jnr) 24:37, 53 Annabelle Miller (jnr) 25:00, 55 Greg Miller 25:01, 57 Joshua Miller (jnr) 25:05, 59 Chris Humphries 25:12, 60 Louise Taylor 25:12, 77 Simon Porter 26:03, 88 Andy Baker 26:48, 90 Dominique Webster 26:55, 96 Janet Potter 27:11, 98 Angela Bailey 27:21, 99 Chris Price 27:22, 111 Oliver Stevenson (jnr) 28:34, 114 William McNulty (jnr) 29:01, 115 Stuart Gent 29:03, 126 Zoe Ellis-Cornell 29:48, 135 Mim Ireland 30:26, 137 Dave Pring 30:45, 143 Ethan Jones (jnr) 30:58, 146 Pete Royal 31:17, 150 Kyle Tibbett (jnr) 31:43, 151 Erin Jones (jnr) 31:52, 160 Lucinda Gibson 33:16, 161 L M E Choat (jnr) 33:17, 163 Amanda Tindall 33:27, 164 Jane Probett 33:32, 175 Emma Choat 34:34, 177 Kirsten Porter 34:35, 179 Janet Downes 34:49, 184 Elizabeth Ingle 35:16, 191 David Duffill 36:27, 198 Linda Hall 38:18, 203 Cindy Baker 39:06, 202 Debbie Duffill 39:06, 206 Mary Yates 40:10

Belvoir Castle Parkrun: 24 Amy Fowler 26:43

Gadebridge Parkrun: 51 Kay Walters 26:58

Goole Parkrun: 35 Patricia Bielby 24:16, 62 Paul Brown 26:59, 86 Anne Kelly 29:16

North Yorkshire Water Park Parkrun: 5 Simon Walters 20:34, 103 Dave Foster 32:40, 128 Rob Calthorpe 40:30, 134 Tina Calthorpe 43:14

Virtual Parkrun: Nicola Fowler 27:31

The Lap, Windemere: Danny Brunton 8:37:58, Lisa Cockcroft 11:34:06

Ravenscar Half Marathon: Dan Cawthorn 1:46:41, Alan Feldberg 1:51:30, Joanna Dagnan 1:54:07, Allan McFarlane 1:59:02, Heidi Baker 2:43:15, Janet Downes 3:10:50, Graham Lonsdale 03:11:44

Ravenscar 10K: Emma Richardson 57:39, Helena Bennett 1:04:13.