Young Stingrays sunk by Barracudas, Wasps soar to win against Sirens

The Stingrays, who lost out to the BarracudasThe Stingrays, who lost out to the Barracudas
The Stingrays, who lost out to the Barracudas
Stingrays lost out 27-18 to the Barracudas in the Scarborough Ladies Netball League, the first defeat in 11 months for the young Stingrays, who were playing against some of their coaches.

The first quarter saw Stingrays lead 7-5 thanks to Iliana Legkou's positioning and Charlotte Smith's commitment.

The second quarter the Barracudas defence stop Stingrays from scoring any goals but the youngsters came back fighting and the battle was on in a lively third quarter.

Barracudas just worked the space and made less mistakes.

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Anna Bowman and Player of the Match Abi Bowes made it hard work for Barracudas.

Eleanor Lotts, Liv Perrin and Smith worked superbly together in the mid court.

Wasps soared to a 35-20 success against Lookout Sirens.

The Wasps pulled into the lead at the end of a lively first quarter.

Jaine Bickerdyke and Rach Pashby had great goals for Sirens in their attacking circle but Phoebe Smith and Jen Robinson opened the shooting for Wasps while Vicky Stewart proved what an all-rounder she is by moving from centre court to shoot throughout the game.

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Becky Davison and Laura Fisher held a tight defence for Sirens and Leanne Anderson, Sharron Agar and Bex Wilkinson worked the centre court well.

Liz White and Heather Marsay were unpassable in their defence circle making a tough game for Sirens shooters. Su Barker, Pippa Habberley and Sophie Shepherdson ensured Wasps possession sailed seamlessly downcourt to secure a 35-20 win.

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