Scarborough RUFC girls teams impress despite defeats at Sandal RUFC

Scarborough RUFC Girls Under-13s, Under-15s and Under-18s went on their first road trip together for the return fixture against Sandal RUFC.

By Andy Bloomfield
Thursday, 18th November 2021, 6:57 am
Scarborough RUFC Girls Under-13s before their game at Sandal Rugby Club.
Scarborough RUFC Girls Under-13s before their game at Sandal Rugby Club.

Scarborough Under-13s again started very slowly, going up hill against a very determined Sandal side.

The visitors came under increasing pressure from Sandal and soon found themselves three tries down.

Sandal were very organised and played good quality rugby, but Scarborough in the second quarter picked up their game with great leadership and running from Sophie Knaggs and try-saving tackles from Alice Holden.

Scarborough RUFC Girls Under-18s before their game at Sandal Rugby Club.

By the second half of the game the away side had stormed into the lead but Sandal came back strong and Scarborough were unable secure victory.

The Scarborough Under-15s combined with Old Crossleyans RUFC to play against Sandal.

In a tight game against a very well-organised Sandal, Scarborough played really well with weaving runs form Lydia Holden gaining territory and position.

Scarborough Under-18s had a strong team at Sandal, who are one of the best teams in Yorkshire in this age group.

Scarborough’s Abi Bowes impressed with dynamic runs and a try, along with Jess Woods kicking helping the team gain territory and allowing the visitors to re-organise.

Unfortunately Sandal were too good but Scarborough were happy with their performance.