SBL to launch new league for 2019

The SBL are set to launch a new development leagueThe SBL are set to launch a new development league
The SBL are set to launch a new development league
The Scarborough Beckett League are set to launch a new development league in 2019.

In a bid to arrest the worrying decline in participation numbers and after a host of clubs struggled throughout the 2018 SBL campaign, the league’s committee are hoping to start the Derwent Sunday League in 2019.

Games would be on Sundays and innings would be 30-overs, with sides to wear coloured clothing for games.


League Format

* League to be called Derwent Sunday League - #DSL19.

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* Split into regions depending on number of sides, with possible end of season play-offs.

* Games are to be played during season but avoiding August holiday period.

* Teas optional.

The SBL have released a list of aims for the new DSL.

League Aims

* To ensure player retention and seek recruitment within the Scarborough & Ryedale areas.

* Aim to develop and nurture youngsters and ease pathway from junior to senior level.

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* Reintegrate and encourage ‘lost’ players back to the sport and the league.

* Involvement and participation for all ages and abilities.

* Flexible registration process, sides can be made up from multiple clubs.

* Enjoyment, social interaction and encourage sporting behaviour.

* Run separately from the main Saturday section of the Beckett League.

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* Franchise names (i.e. Scarborough Colts, Scalby Vikings – there are to be no 2nd, 3rd or 4th XI in team names).

Clubs have beeb asked to express their interest no later than the September 14 and are not asking for full commitment at this stage.

The Beckett League are planning to get all interested clubs for a get together to answer any final questions and discuss the format with final commit by clubs required by November.

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