St Martin's gym aces secure treble success

This year's Scarborough Primary Schools annual gymnastics competition saw St Martin's leap to victory in all three age groups.

Friday, 25th March 2016, 10:37 am
Updated Friday, 25th March 2016, 11:14 pm
Friarage School gymnasts warm up for the main event. Pictures: Richard Ponter 161018a

They now go forward to represent the area in the North Yorkshire School Games in June.

Schools from across the town battled for glory on floor, vault and body management disciplines over three age groups with St Martin’s taking all three titles.

The event was organised by PE teacher Jo Bowman, assisted by sports leaders from Scarborough Sixth Form College.

Children from Newby & Scalby Primary School. Pictures; Richard Ponter

She said: “I would just like to extend my thanks to judges Coral, Beth, Jasmine and Laura who did an excellent job, to the fabulous sixth form sports leaders for their hard work, and also to Kadie and Scarborough Gymnastics Academy for hosting the event.”


Year 1&2 Floor: 1st Stevi Hatton-Scott (St Martin’s) 9.5, 2nd Holly Jennings (St Martin’s), Milly Ridlington (Newby & Scalby) Ayla Dack (Braeburn) 9.4, 3rd Eliza Wood, Ben Crick (St Martin’s) 9.3.

Vault: 1st Holly Jennings (St Martin’s) 9.6, 2nd Ali Strickland (St Martin’s) Millie Wiles (Braeburn) 9.5, 3rd Katie Buck (Braeburn) Stevi Hatton-Scott (St Martin’s) 9.4.

Children from Newby & Scalby Primary School. Pictures; Richard Ponter

Body Management: 1st Elena Kitson (St Martin’s) 8.9, 2nd Isabella Castleton (St Martin’s) 8.8, 3rd Ali Strickland (St Martin’s) 8.7.

Team event: 1st St Martin’s A 110.9, 2nd Braeburn A 106.2, 3rd St Martin’s B 105.8, 4th Newby A 105.6, 5th Filey A 102.6, 6th Newby B 101.2, 7th Braeburn B 99.9, 8th Seamer 96.5.

Year 3&4 results

Floor: 1st Annabel (Newby) 9.8, 2nd Frankie Walters-Hardy (St Martin’s) Sophie W (Newby) 9.7, 3rd Katelyn Patterson (Braeburn) 9.6.

Vault: 1st Frankie Walters-Hardy (St Martin’s) 9.5, 2nd Ruby Wood (St Martin’s) 9.2, 3rd Beth Adams (Filey) 9.1 .

Body Management: 1st Kicca (Newby) Ruby Holder (St Martin’s) 8.9, 2nd Darcey Truelove, Ruby Wood (St Martin’s) 8.8, 3rd Evie (Newby) Lola Overfield, Karley Jackson (Braeburn) 8.7.

Team event: 1st St Martin’s A 109.4, 2nd Newby A 107, 3rd Braeburn 106, 4th Filey A 104.8, 5th Newby B 104.3, 6th Seamer 103.6 7th Hunmanby A 103.4, 8th St Martins B 103, 9th Northstead 99.3, 10th Filey B 98.3, 11th Hunmanby B 93.5.

Year 5&6 results

Floor: 1st Stella Furness (Northstead) Lois May (St Martin’s) 9.8, 2nd George Schmuck (Newby), Nikita Booth (Friarage) 9.7, 3rd Tilly-Jade Pratt, Sam Clark (Northstead) 9.6.

Vault: 1st Stella Furness (Northstead) 9.7, 2nd Lois May (St Martin’s), Sam Clark (Northstead) 9.6, 3rd Harvey Wiles (St Martin’s), Sophie Mainprize (Filey) 9.5 .

Body Management: 1st Lois May (St Martin’s) 9.5, 2nd Dylan Hatton (St Martin’s) 9.1, 3rd Chyla Robertson 8.8.

Team event: 1st St Martin’s A 110.8, 2nd Northstead 109.5, 3rd Newby & Scalby A 107.4, 4th Filey 106.3, 5th Friarage A 104.8, 6th St Martin’s B 103.3, 7th Newby & Scalby B 101.5, 8th Seamer 101.2, 9th Braeburn 99.1, 10th Friarage B 98, 11th St Martin’s C 97.4.