BBC Radio 2's Gary Davies brings his 80s music and dance show to Scarborough Spa

Gary Davies brings his live show to Scarborough Spa on Friday May 10Gary Davies brings his live show to Scarborough Spa on Friday May 10
Gary Davies brings his live show to Scarborough Spa on Friday May 10
Let’s hear the shout out for the DJ who spins us back to the 1980s and the songs from Madonna, Whitney Houston and George Michael … to name a few.

Former Radio1 One and Top of the Pops presenter Gary Davies is bringing his BBC Radio 2 1980s show to the Scarborough Spa stage on Friday May 10.

“It’s the most fun three-hour show,” said Davies. “It’s a non-stop party of dancing and joyous music.

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“It is the show I do on Saturday night on radio which we recreate live on stage – full of banging 80s tunes, a live visual feast.” he said.

The show features Gary’s Gang – dancers who perform routines from classic 1980s films including Ghostbusters, Footloose and the lift from Dirty Dancing.

The dancers also perform the moves of Madonna and Michael Jackson.

“It is a visual feast a well as a dance party,” said Davies. All the elements of the radio show are included in the stage version – including ‘shout-outs’ which can be emailed in and the romantic interlude also known as the sloppy song.

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The music of the 80s is timeless says Davies. “There was so much amazing music that came of that decade – the aftermath of punk, the birth of electronic music, the new romantics, there was still rock with Def Leopard and Bon Jovi.

“The icons of 80s music are as massive today as they were then – Madonna, George Michael, Prince, Whitney – Queen were smashing it then, house music started and it was a great time for soul with Luther Vandross and Janet Jackson.

"It was also the start of hip hop and rap,” he said. "It was a phenomenal decade. It is also timeless. Kids today don’t worry about whether it is old or new, they worry about whether they like it or not.

“The fact Kate Bush could have a hit with Running Up That Hill – the song from Stranger Things – 40 years after it was a hit shows how good the music was back then.”

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Meeting his audience is a pleasure and a privilege. Radio 2’s Vernon Kay’s efforts for last year’s Children in Need touched the hearts – and wallets – of a nation. Millions of listeners mourned the death earlier this year of Radio 2 presenter Steve Wright – affectionately known as ‘Wrighty’ even to those who had not met him.

“I love radio, it’s what I do,” said Davies. “When you get out and see the audience, the people who listen to you, that is very special indeed.

“It adds a new element to what you do. When you are in the studio you can only imagine people’s reaction. When you are on the stage you can see the whites of their eyes, you can see the smiles on their faces and there is no greater feeling.

“When you are out there live. it’s just a great feeling to know that people enjoy what you do and that you make a difference in their lives – that means a lot,” he said.

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Joining Gary Davies live on stage at the Spa are 80s band the Christians who had hits with Ideal World, Born Again and Forgotten Town.

Tickets are available from the Spa box office on 01723 376774 or online at