New plays get first reading

Springboard Scriptwriters' next event of three new short plays by emerging Scarborough writers can be seen at Woodend, The Crescent, Scarborough, on Friday Mach 10.

Friday, 3rd March 2017, 1:09 pm
Updated Friday, 24th March 2017, 10:03 am
Springboard Scriptwriters ... Picture by Charles Spencer

The three ‘script-in-hand’ rehearsed readings feature work by three writers Jo Reed, Paul Spencer and Helen Birmingham.

The event starts at 6.30pm and entrance costs only £5.

Unlike usual rehearsed script readings, the audience members can (if they wish) give anonymous feedback on the plays they have watched.

This gives the audience the chance to get involved and also helps the writers to improve the quality of their writing.

One of the writers, Paul Spencer said: “After spending most of my life scribbling prose, I joined a local drama group and became interested in writing stage plays. I find the workshop approach invaluable and Springboard Scriptwriters an exciting outlet for scripts developed by that process.”

The three plays are:

Losing It by Jo Reed

Set in a hospital ward in the early 70s, Clara, an elderly woman finds herself in a difficult situation, hospitalised and not too well and with nowhere to go. She is not too sure of things as they are, but can tell a tale or two from her past... if there is time for anyone to’s the last few days she’s not too clear about.

Mister Drake by Paul Spencer

Meet Mr Drake. He terrifies his co-workers, refuses to modernise and loathes management. He’s also vital to the company. Somehow, Jill must find a chink in his armour...

Marriage and the Three Bears by Helen Birmingham

Once upon a time there was...(well you’ll see how it goes!). This is a philosophical, but tongue in cheek, take on a well-known fairy-tale. Without anything like the correct preparation - Enter Marriage (Stage Left)...

Tickets are available on the door.