Revealed: music line up for Coastival

Mister Tooley spins at the SpaMister Tooley spins at the Spa
Mister Tooley spins at the Spa
The full line-up of music for this year's Coastival arts festival in Scarborough has been revealed.

There will be a wide range of different music styles on offer at unusual venues over Coastival weekend, February 18 and 19

At the Old Parcels’ Office on the Sunday afternoon, from 1pm to 4pm, Tracks by the Tracks, will feature music from Lazlo, Connor and Nathen and Empire.

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Bands Behind Bars runs from 1pm to 4pm on the Saturday and will feature Frankie Dixon, Rhys Bloodjoy and Jesse Hutchinson performing at the former prison building in Dean Road.

Backseat Mafia brings the freshest, upcoming alternative music to the Spa Music Room from noon to midnight on the Saturday and noon to 5pm on the Sunday.

Organisers promise “loud and proud” on the Saturday and a more chilled out and laid back affair on the Sunday.

Other musical treats include Raven at the Crown Spa Hotel at 2.30pm on the Sunday; the Stephen Joseph Global Voices Choir in the Brunswick Centre at 2pm on the Saturday; Coastival Choir at a workshop at Scarborough Library and then performing at the Brunswick Centre at 3pm on the Saturday and Riders to the Sea, a live performance of Vaughn Williams’ one-act opera at Westborough Methodist Church on the Saturday at 7.30pm and the Sunday at 2.30pm.

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Coastival 2017 will feature 110 events, the majority of them free, in 32 venues. The theme this year is The Unexpected.

Full line-ups

Backseat Mafia

Fighting Caravans, One Day After School, Saint Agnes, Track and Field, Lumer, Fling, Serial Chiller, Lazlo, Rhys Bloodjoy, Tim Loud, Brackets, Shard, Shaun Bell, Lisa Glover, Rory Holl, Terry Shaltiel, Sabrina Piggott, Stephen Thomas, March of the Ally. More are expected to be added.

The Den meets Stone Penguin Including special guests King Bee

Saturday, the Spa February 18

Noon DJ Mister Tooley; 1pm Tom Townsend Blues Band; 2pm DJ Mark Thompson; 2.45pm Cara Mellor; 3.45pm DJ Filey Selassie; 4.30pm Joe Solo; 5.30pm DJ Victor Swanvesta; 6.15pm Frankie Dixon; 
7pm DJ Marv Rocksteady;8pm The Hard-Times Orchestra; 9pm DJ Professor Red Rooster; 10pm DJ Stone Penguin

Sunday February 19

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Noon DJ Mister Tooley plays Rhythm & Gospel; 1pm Blanty; 1.45pm DJ Mark Thompson; 2.30pm The Unkempt; 3.30pm DJ Adrian Riley; 4.15pm The Firebird Quartet; 5.15pm DJ Mister Tooley; 6pm Howlin’ Ric and the Rocketeers; 6.45pm Coastival DJs