Terri-Ann at Scarborough Spa's Farrer's Bar

Terri-Ann PrendergastTerri-Ann Prendergast
Terri-Ann Prendergast
Singer-songwriter Terri-Ann Prendergast will be performing live at Farrer's Bar and Brasserie on as part of the the Monday Menu With Music on February 22.

Terri-Ann will bring an exciting and versatile performance to this slot, where diners can expect an eclectic mix of covers, and original tracks from her EP Straight Forward.

“Music has been a great source of strength for me growing up and I wanted to input that into the Intricate EP,” said Terri-Ann, who is from Cayton and now lives in Wakefield.

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“Music is a universal language that conveys emotion everyone can understand, I love it so much and I want to share my version with the world.”

Terri-Ann teamed up with a recruitment organisation to encourage youngsters to take up apprenticeships in the building trade. She launched a song called Building a Future.

This won’t be the first performance for Terri-Ann at the seaside venue. She performed in Farrer’s in October and December.

The music starts at 7pm. Dinner served from 6.30pm. Book on 01723 357860

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