VIDEO PREVIEW: Covid to get Fascinating Aïda treatment on UK tour

Cabaret heaven. Outrageous, seductive, hilarious and engages the brain as well as the funny-bone.

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Thursday, 2nd September 2021, 7:45 pm
Fascinating Aïda stars Liza Pulman, Dillie Keane and Adèle Anderson
Fascinating Aïda stars Liza Pulman, Dillie Keane and Adèle Anderson

The plaudits keep on coming for fun girl power trio Fascinating Aïda - imagine a mix of posh Victoria Wood, sophisticated Gilbert and Sullivan and Billy Connolly at his filthy best.

Yet their self-confessed potty-mouthed humour is fantastically unique and makes them unmissable on an upcoming 37 date tour this autumn with more venues to follow - catch them in Yorkshire at Sheffield City Hall, Sept 14, Huddersfield Lawrence Batley Theatre, Sept 28; Harrogate Royal Hall, Sept 29; Bridlington Spa, Oct 6; Leeds Town Hall, Oct 21 and 22; Bradford St George's Hall, Oct 30 and Hull City Hall, Nov 4.

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With song titles ranging from Funerals to Cheap Flights, Fake News, Prisoners of Gender, Big C and even Dogging, nothing is off limits.

So it's no surprise that COVID is about to get the Fascinating Aida treatment from the glamorous but politely rude threesome Dillie Keane, Adèle Anderson and Liza Pulman

Founder Dillie, in an exclusive chat, revealed her own 'tough and ghastly time' during the pandemic.

Her partner lost two best friends and two brothers, one from COVID. And, their Labrador also died on top of all that.

But no subject is taboo for the socially observant songwriters, whose viral videos have notched up over 25 million views on YouTube and their songs often written; performed the same day, making each show unique.

Dillie revealed: " Yes, COVID is making a bit of an appearance. Not too much. I think people are a bit sick of it. You've got to acknowledge that it's happened. You can't get away from that. So we've got one quite wry look at it, which I think will make people laugh and the odd reference to it throughout the show. It's natural. It's life. Our shows are about life and COVID's happened. It's not going to be doomy, it's good to be bearable. What people need is cheering up.

"We've written a special song that could only have been written because COVID happened - about the holidays. I'll tell no more because I don't want to spoil the joke, but it's really funny and charming.

"As socially observant songwriters the show goes from hilarious to very, very silly, to really funny, but very sharp. And then it goes to heartbreaking. Because life is a gamut of emotions.

"We always have one song that's guaranteed to break people's heart. They will come up to us afterwards and say 'I didn't know you were going to do that, you made me cry'. But if we don't show our hearts, then it makes the material very heartless because some of it is really, really tough.

"We do things that are slightly age defying, we have no sense of horror of our own age or what we should be doing and no sense of needing to retire.

"We sing songs of great filth, humour, humanity, that are socially topical and satirical. There's something in it for everybody.

Fascinating Aida UK tour

"And for old girls were really quite modern. I insisted on putting cheap flights on YouTube and it had a million views in a month, which was very exciting.

"I think we also invented the idea of the online programme. I'm a bit of an eco warrior. I've got an eco blog. One of the things that always saddened me was I like to print a programme but you don't sell some and are carting around boxes. There's more wastepaper and yet more trees being cut down. So we invented the online programme. We have yet to update it but it's out there. And it's free and no trees got cut down."

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So what else is fascinating about Fascinating Aida?

A fan favourite segment of the show is called Bulgarian Song Cycle – where the girls perform short topical interest songs, so new many of them are wrtitten and performed that night, making very show unique.

Dillie said: "The format of the show is that it's mostly songs and we chat in between about what's coming up and our lives - the patter's quite fun. We're not stand up comedians, but what we can do is make you laugh at the songs. There's a wide range of styles, so even if you didn't enjoy the third song you'll enjoy the fourth, and we sing in harmony.

Fascinating Aida photo by Johnny Boylan

"I've worked with Adèle for 38 years. I see more of her than I do my partner. We've always worked wonderfully together and we're blessed to have the wonderful Liza and her absolutely glorious voice. She sounds a bit like Barbra Streisand at times and other times just a wonderfully light soprano voice."

With three Olivier Award nominations, performances at hundreds of theatres in the UK, Ireland and around the world, Fascinating Aida has a huge army of followers - though they've had little TV.

Dillie added: "We cover a huge range of topics with different styles of songs. You don't really know what Fascinating Aida is if we just sing one song. So as a TV guest, we're absolutely hopeless. It doesn't really work. What we really needed was a TV special and the great thing is that YouTube has been our special - it has been fantastic for us and we've had millions of views."

A hilarious new adults-only video explains another reason for their lack of TV...their rather colourful lyrics.

"That's who I am sadly, yes. I am so potty-mouthed. I grew up in Portsmouth with sailors," laughs Dillie.

"My mother and father were very respectable people. They despaired of me. My dad was an Irish doctor. And mum was the doctor's wife."They did see me on stage. I'm not sure my dad really enjoyed it. He was always very polite about it. Mum enjoyed bits of it hugely. And was bitterly ashamed at other bits."

Dillie starred in her own off Broadway cabaret show, the wonderfully titled Hello Dillie and all three girls plan to continue their solo work alongside Fascinating Aida.Adele, who co-writes much of their material with Dillie, is also an acclaimed cabaret and jazz singer, with film and TV credits to her name.

Liza's shows include a Barbra Streisand tribute act.

Fascinating Aida have a special additional line-up guest on their forthcoming tour, Musical Director, composer and pianist Michael Roulston who will join the girls on stage.


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